“The adventure was beautiful”, greets the neo-retiree Kévin Gourdon in front of the supporters of La Rochelle

The former Stade Rochelais third row, forced to end his career due to a heart problem, bade farewell to Stade Marcel-Deflandre on the sidelines of the LOU reception.

Kévin Gourdon has definitely turned the page. Forced to hanging up crampons due to a heart problem, the third-row Stade Rochelais had promised to say goodbye on the sidelines of the LOU reception this Monday evening (to follow live commented on our site). Hardly disturbed by the pouring rain, Gourdon bade farewell to the Marcel-Deflandre audience, full as usual. “The first thing I was told before arriving in La Rochelle… “You’ll see it’s the sunniest city in France”… I think that was still the case today», He remarked with humor, sheltered by an umbrella under the Rochelais drizzle.

Before thanking the public for his long-standing club, with whom he will keep a feeling of unfinished business. “I would have liked to come in front of you with a nice piece of wood or a shiny cup but unfortunately it’s to say goodbye to you as a rugby player at Stade Rochelais, don’t be sad», Regretted Gourdon.

Before smiling again: “The adventure was beautiful and you greatly participated in it. During these nine years, you have been incredibly supportive and I wanted to thank you for that. I wish every rugby player to experience what I experienced here, this incredible fervor of the Marcel-Deflandre stadium. I also hope that the Stade Rochelais team will make you shout again on the port, because you really deserve it.“A public called to shout by the son of the person concerned, to whom he had passed the torch to sing a”Here, here, it’s La Rochelle!

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