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Adventure along the way is what Dylan, Coralie, Thomas, Chris and Jéremy experienced, from New Zealand to Stevenson’s Way. Thousands of kilometers, dozens of meetings, so many reasons to devour their stories and follow in their footsteps in 2022.

They did it, they tell

“Up and down”, 3000 km on foot through New Zealand, on the Te Araroa Trail

Te Araroa Trail, New Zealand

If you missed the preview on Outside, a few weeks ago, of “Up and down” here is the opportunity to review the exciting documentary by Dylan Moron, now freely accessible. This 20-minute film takes us on the Te Araroa Trail, a route which, in ten years, has established itself as one of the most beautiful treks in the world. 3000 kilometers of trails cross New Zealand’s two islands, alternating sections in the middle of the rainforest and ridges overlooking magnificent turquoise lakes. In October 2018, the young Frenchman improvised his crossing, a few days after landing in the country. A superbly captured adventure whose humble and very altruistic gaze will be appreciated.

How I trained my mother on the Stevenson Trail, her first hike

Stevenson's path

Coralie is 22, a national level climber, she is also a seasoned hiker. Not his mother, Marie, 50, still active, but not very athletic. Last May, Coralie convinced her to discover walking and bivouac and to accompany her on the GR 70, the Stevenson path: 272 km in complete autonomy that mother and daughter covered in 14 days. A physical and human adventure told here in two voices.

“Adventure return”: 1100 kilometers on foot in Croatia, on the Via Adriatica

Via Adriatic

Stuck in Brussels, Thomas Bouïssaguet believed himself to be an adventurer all his life, only touching the peaks once or twice a year. After going through an existential crisis in 2019, the young thirty-something left his position as communications manager, and ventured, alone, on Via Adriatica in Croatia, 1100 km, becoming the 10th person to complete this entire trail, created only 3 years ago. A journey made between July and September 2020, the story of which we are publishing as part of our adventure story competition.

Chris Carter, climber and ultra runner: 4,265 km on the PCT, hard

Pacific Crest Trail Chris Carter and Friends

“Fantastic plans” … very messy, it is a bit the specialty of the American Chris Carter, son of a missionary, raised in Kenya. The latest, in 2018: the Pacific Crest Trail, in “wild” mode. A childhood dream started at three, but ended alone. Covered in 5 months, his journey gave him material for “To measure a mile”, a doc of over an hour, very personal. An adventure where everything that could happen happened: thirst, suffering, loneliness. But also encounters, joy and wonder. Something to make you want to go straight on one of the most beautiful trails in the world. Or cross it off your list forever.

The Transbalkanic, 1300 km on foot at the crossroads of the countries of the former Yugoslavia

Balkan crossing

Former winner of our adventure story competition, Jérémy Bigé set out again on an expedition across the Balkans in June 2021, this time to cross 1,300 kilometers of footpath – or about 60,000 meters of vertical drop, in 39 days. All with a backpack weighing just 3.8 kilograms. After his journeys on the Haute Route Pyrenees and the Great Himalaya Trail, the adventurer tackled a trail still little explored by walkers in Europe: the Transbalkanic. A region with “enormous potential for hiking, too underestimated”, where Jérémy Bigé “took the pulse” of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, and finally Albania. But where to start, when few witnesses survey this journey?

These hikes that we would like to do in 2022

2,500 km of trails, 14 national parks… here is the Hexatrek, the longest hike in France

HexaTrek, the longest hike in France

The United States has the Pacific Crest Trail, Italy has the Sentiero, and France will soon have its equivalent: the Hexatrek. This is the project of Kevin Ginisty, passionate about hiking, who wants to link the most beautiful GRs in France, from the Vosges to the Atlantic Pyrenees, with a 2,500 km trail in 6 stages, through 14 natural parks. A mobile application will accompany the route at the start of 2022, bringing together all the bivouac spots and essential viewpoints on the route.

We tested the GR de Pays Grand Pic Saint-Loup, “the French favorite trail”

GR Tour of Belle-île-en-mer

19,955 voted unanimously to elect the GR 340 – Tour de Belle-Île-en-Mer, as the favorite hiking trail of the French 2022. The Morbihan route has just received its prize, which rewards its 87 kilometers along the coasts on the edge of the Atlantic. He succeeds the “GR de Pays Grand Pic Saint-Loup”, winner of last year, and is at the top of the standings ahead of the GR de Pays Massif du Ventoux and its six other competitors. that we really want to get started on, whether we have 40 days ahead of us, or just a long weekend.

“Up and down”, 3000 km on foot through New Zealand, on the Te Araroa Trail

Trek on the GR Pic Saint-Loup

More than 245 kilometers in 4 loops through the Hérault, in the Montpellier hinterland, this is the course which has just received the favorite GR trophy of the French. A trail that last May our journalist went to explore, but by adapting it a little thanks to the Komoot application, in order to discover a summary of the most beautiful landscapes of the Hérault in only 40 kilometers and less than 48 hours !

11 (very large) hikes accessible by train, RER or metro from Ile-de-France

Fontainebleau Forest

Attention, beginners to abstain! It is the mega hike that we offer here. 50 km for the quietest. And 1,488 kilometers and 9,274 meters of D + for the most committed. All from a station on the Ile de France. That is to say eleven itineraries brought together by Enlarge Your Paris and We Do Data in the form of a “Randopolitain”, an original map which should satisfy our desires for new horizons.

Spain, Italy, Ireland, England, Canada: 5 new treks to discover

5 new treks to discover in Europe

A 122 km loop in the footsteps of the “Lord of the Rings” north of Madrid, 4,500 km of trails along the English cliffs, or the crossing of all the Italian national parks in 6437 km… Still little known to the general public, here are five fabulous trails – long, even very long! –inaugurated in 2020, now accessible to hikers.

Hiking: what if you tried the TCT, Transcaucasian Trail, a fabulous 3000 km trail?

hiker Transcaucasian trail TCT

Few of us are familiar with the Transcaucasian Trail, or TCT. Between Europe and Asia, from Russia to Iran, this route allows you to explore the cultural, geographic and linguistic richness of the Caucasus. Born in 2015, it aims to rehabilitate local trails thanks to volunteers from all walks of life. On the program: three countries to be linked between dense forests, alpine meadows, volcanic plateaus, architecture and diverse communities. Including 1000 kilometers already marked and open to hikers!

Header photo: Dylan Moron

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