Around the World in 80 Days: “delightful”, “cardboard adventures” …: what does the press think of the adaptation of Jules Verne’s novel with David Tennant? – News Series on TV

While France 2 is broadcasting tonight three unreleased series from the famous adventure novel, has this modern, high-budget rereading born from a European co-production convinced the critics?

What is it about ?

London, 1872. Phileas Fogg, English gentleman, takes this crazy bet: to travel around the world in eighty days. He enlisted the services of Jean Passepartout, a resourceful French waiter. Together, they embark on a journey fraught with pitfalls, closely followed by a young journalist.

Around the World in 80 Days, created by Ashley pharoah and Caleb ranson

With David tennant, Ibrahim Koma |, Leonie benesch

Every Monday at 9:05 p.m. on France 2 and available in full on Salto

What does the press think?

According to Première:

Around David Tennant, the Frenchman Ibrahim Koma makes an astonishing Passepartout, embarked on a delightful sentimental adventure with the sparkling Leonie Benesch. Two months after the impressive Germinal, here is a new classic of literature adapted with taste and ambition by France Télé.4/5

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According to Télé Z:

We laugh, we tremble, we jump, we applaud. There is a freshness, an authenticity and a light humor that is as exciting as it is contagious.4/5

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According to Le Monde:

And if Around the World in Eighty Days is not only a slightly too methodical update of an obsolete story, it is thanks to the composition of the formidable David Tennant, of whom we feel well that he masters both the codes of the original text and the intuitions that make Phileas Fogg a man of today.3.5 / 5

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According to Cable TV Sat:

After a rather laborious first episode of setting up, the series carries the viewer away and convinces with its many and daring choices for adaptation and modernization.3.5 / 5

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According to Le Figaro:

This journey carried by a David Tennant (The Kendrick Mystery, Doctor Who) in great shape will delight adventure fans, but will bristle purists. Enough to stay in the controversial line of recent adaptations of France 2 – Emma Bovary and Germinal – ambitious but defective.3/5

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According to Télé 7 jours:

Pure entertainment that will delight young and old despite a few lengths. David Tennant is perfect in the shoes of a Fogg, ultimately not so adventurous.3/5

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According to Télé Loisirs:

Convincing actors and careful production for a successful adaptation of Jules Verne’s adventure novel.3/5

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According to Télérama:

Contrary to the novel’s main argument – speed – this international co-production (…) is distinguished by its intellectual slowness. The slightest information is repeated in case the spectator has gone to water the turkey, and the sluggish celebrations (of female emancipation or of friendship which transcends class relations) make this cardboard adventure a little more heavy.2/5

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