Kingsman Review – Mission One: An Epic Adventure Movie

Two years of waiting. This is the length of time that we had to wait because of the Covid-19 to discover the prequel to the saga Kingsman. A new film which tells us about the origins of this agency created in the middle of the First World War. Postponed because of the takeover of Fox by Disney, then because of the health crisis, the new film by Matthieu vaughn is finally revealed, while the first trailer dates from 2019. Verdict?

Kingsman : what is the first mission worth?

First observation: this new Kingsman starts badly. The first part of the story turns out to be very slow, the characters are written with banality and the epic breath that we are promised is absent. But, as soon as the character of Rasputin appears on the screen, the story gets carried away and finds the DNA of this franchise: action / adventure stories with a furious urge to entertain.

Kingsman review: Matthew Vaughn's First Mission: An epic adventure film

In these dark times, entertainment isn’t so much fun anymore. While the Marvel films have become the master stallion of the genre, Vaughn seems to want to serve as a counterexample. This, thanks to a virtuoso achievement, but also thanks to surprising reversals of situation bringing what one did not expect from the franchise: emotion.

Matthew Vaughn: an inventive filmmaker

Vaughn tries to tie the big story to that of his spy saga. Clearly the introduction doesn’t work, not finding in any way the charm of the first part. Mathew Vaughn is one of Hollywood’s best technicians once the action hits. Each plan is teeming with ideas. Cartoony violence is present, with decapitation in the key.

Indisputably fun, filled with politically incorrect ideas, violent in addition to having a mobile and inventive camera, Kingsman: First Mission is worthy of old school pulp entertainment, with a true story of historical adventure.

Kingsman review: Matthew Vaughn's First Mission: An epic adventure film

Yet this Kingsman, turns out to be aware of the time he is dealing with. Very quickly, the fun of this adventure is overwhelmed by the drama. Vaughn shows us the damage that patriotic propaganda has wreaked on an entire generation of young men, through the character of Conrad, son of Orlando Oxford (Ralph fiennes). The violence of the fights, the absurd and useless death, the psychological consequences due to the war, the uselessness of a war provoked by the ego of the powerful… Everything is treated there, with a rare violence for a Hollywood blockbuster.

Kingsman accomplished his First Mission brilliantly despite a fairly slow start. There remains a disillusioned and surprising point of view on the First World War. The representation of this conflict leaves us with a bitter taste in the mouth, reminding us on what today’s Europe was built on. What to restore its letters of nobility to entertainment.

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