Rouen. Pornstar Nikita Bellucci and her husband to open adult club “where everyone will feel good”

The RDV Club, a club for adults based in Rouen (Seine-Maritime), will reopen in a new version on February 4, 2022.
The RDV Club, a club for adults based in Rouen (Seine-Maritime), will reopen in a new version on February 4, 2022. (© DR)

The time is right now for work. The inauguration of Club meeting “New version”, located near the Place Cauchoise in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) is scheduled for February 4, 2022, announcement Nikita bellucci on his Twitter account.

With her husband Ludovic Dekan, the actress / producer X embarks on a new adventure, since she will take the helm of this establishment. “When we went out to Rouen, we felt a bit lost in the big clubs. If I danced a little sexy to seduce my husband, quickly we felt the insistent eyes fall on us. So for lack of finding a place that corresponded to us, we created it “, tells the couple thus eager to bring to life a new place in Rouen” where everyone will feel good “.

“We left the walls”

It was while looking for a setting to host their shoots that Nikita and Ludovic discovered the RDV Club. They fell under the spell of this small place of about 100 square meters, with a nice basement with vaulted cellars: “We shot several scenes there for my site, also for the film. Never without You broadcast in September 2021 on Canal +… the famous Saturday night film. “

In this context, they meet Emmanuel Legros, historical manager of the place. As is the case for many nightclubs, the libertine club has suffered for several months from closures related to the health context … moreover, it needs a “serious facelift”.

And it is therefore after “careful consideration” that Nikita and Ludovic decide to embark on the adventure, with the resumption of this RDV Club, to which they decide to make profound changes: “It’s simple, we have left. walls. Everything will be new, from the glassware to the furniture, including the sound system, the lights… a real boost! “

The card has also been redesigned: now a ‘premium’ range, “without price increases”. As for the spirit of the place, it will also experience real changes: it will henceforth be separated into two very distinct spaces: a dancing bar, and a basement reserved for initiates, closed by a glass door that only women can open, using an RFID bracelet (radio frequency identification, a radio-identification system).

An LGBT + friendly place

“We want more diversity than before. We want a non-libertine couple who have a romantic evening to also have the idea of ​​coming… and that they feel comfortable there. All they have to do is park their car in front of the club, cross the street and enter; a valet will take care of everything. As for the distribution of roles, Emmanuel and Ludovic will take care of the door, the logistics, to ensure the pleasures and safety of customers. Nikita Bellucci will resume service: “Catering, service, it’s my first job. And I missed him a lot… ”She is already looking forward to establishing the new cocktail menu.

Also, she will manage aspects related to communication, wishing to make the RDV Club an “LGBT +” place. friendly “. Thus, in addition to Friday and Saturday evenings, the club will be open on Sundays from 5 pm to 1 am for “Rouen-style Gay Tea Dances”. See you on Friday February 4, 2022!

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