The Adventures of Benji – Volume 1: “A formidable human adventure”

Once a month, in our journal you discover a drawing, the “adventures of Benji”. A look at disability, sport, news, and much lighter subjects. This fictional character was created by “Manu” Best, the father of a severely disabled child. These drawing boards, some of which are published in L’Impartial, “Manu” Best has grouped them together in a book: “The Adventures of Benji – Tome 1”. 40 plates for 80 pages for this first volume, because there will be other volumes, the adventures of “Benji” have a continuation.

Identical to writing, drawing to exorcise the intolerable pain that only people confronted with their child’s handicap can experience.

Why I write can be linked to why I draw.

Because I want to. To smile at life. To please my friends. To forget my worries… To say things. Talk about nothing, don’t be gloomy. Create a text, a verse, in prose. Without making everything rosy… That’s why I write. I am enraged, I vilify. I sometimes feel so small. In this growing world ”. (Manu Best).

Writing or drawing, the project must mature. When it matures, it is time to exorcise the intolerable.

“Benji, my son”, the idea for a character, came to me years ago. I wanted to draw, I was looking for a graphic. At one point, I almost asked a DTP designer to help me. For three years, I worked, reflected, simplified, refined the character. I discovered the graphics tablet. It’s easier, I avoid redoing the drawing two, three times. My character, He has no eyes. A person who is physically handicapped, who is in an armchair, we do not look at him, we look at the armchair.

It’s three years of work. The boards, they can be joyful, tender, alarmist. There is always an explanation for a drawing. I created the texts, I made the drawings, when I borrowed quotes, I pointed it out ”.

A collection that can be read by all, because it is above all the fruit of a formidable human adventure. In this world where individualism takes precedence and seems to take precedence over certain values, this collection is a breath of fresh air, to be read without moderation.

“To write is also not to speak. It is to be silent. It’s screaming silently ” (Marguerite Duras). The publisher is the association “Entraide et Eveil”, an association with the aim of helping people with physical or mental disabilities. Volume 1 of the adventures of Benji is available at a price of 17.90 euros. Order: “Entraide et Eveil”, 8 bis côte Jacquemart: 06 80 14 86 27.

The Book is on deposit at the Cordeliers bookstore.

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