Adventure. A Frenchman tackles the Atlantic crossing by oar, at almost 75 years old

Jean-Jacques Savin, a Frenchman who will be 75 in January and who had crossed the Atlantic in a barrel in 2019, announced that he would leave this Wednesday from Sagres, in southwest Portugal, for a new crossing, to the oar this time.

After leaving the Arcachon Basin last Friday, in the southwest of France where he lives, Jean-Jacques Savin is due to start from Sagres in Portugal on Wednesday. “Wednesday I weigh anchor! “, He announced to AFP, stressing that he would then have a” favorable weather window “.

Jean-Jacques Savin plans a crossing of a hundred days aboard theBold, his canoe, with an arrival in the French Antilles, if possible in Martinique, where his previous exploit ended.

Sauternes and foie gras

In 2019, this former soldier, who wants to “taunt old age”, had spent over four months in a barrel-shaped boat 3 m long and 2.10 m in diameter to cross the Atlantic alone, tossed about by winds and currents.

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This time, his canoe, orange like the “barrel”, measures 8 m long, 1.70 m wide and is equipped with two cabins at the front and at the rear and a rowing station in the middle. He will carry 300 kg of equipment, including freeze-dried food, a heating point, a harpoon gun for fishing, an electric desalinator and a manual, his mandolin as well as Champagne, Sauternes and foie gras to celebrate the New Year. year and his birthday. He will celebrate his 75th birthday on January 14.

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