Clémence Castel (Koh-Lanta) announces the end of a great adventure! “A page turns”

Candidate for the show which has been widely talked about recently, which is none other than Koh Lanta, Clémence Castel knew how to make many fans. His last followed the young woman throughout the season, although this last has been widely criticized for various reasons. It was recently, on her social network Instagram, that the young woman decided to turn a page in her life and to say goodbye to a great adventure.

Clémence Castel, emblematic candidate of Koh-Lanta?

There are candidates who fit better than others on TV shows. Whether through their performances or their different personalities, they were able to establish a fanbase over the episodes and seasons.

Some have also moved to new horizons following their success in the shows in which they have participated. Thus, we were able to find some in Do not touch My TV as columnists and columnists.

Clémence Castel also marked the fans of the show during her participation. Whether it is thanks to her strategies or her personality which has capsized the hearts of fans, she remains a highly valued candidate.

Even though the show’s final season was largely marred by accusations of cheating.

It is in particular on social networks that the young woman decided to announce to draw a line on a great adventure and on a page of her life.

Clémence Castel bids farewell to a great adventure!

The subscribers of the young candidate for the show Koh Lanta were surprised to see an ad on his Instagram account.

Indeed, Clémence Castel bids farewell to a great adventure and to a great page in her life.

On her publications, she mentions the difficulty that she had and felt to prepare for the final season of the adventure. She also explains that the duration of the preparation was equivalent to a whole year.

For that, she put a lot of projects aside and also sacrificed a lot of things that could have carried her further.

You should know that Clémence Castel only participated in one season of this great adventure. But well in four seasons. A real sacrifice on his private and professional life that it is now time to stop.

She believes that a dough turns, allowing to do honors to different candidates. But also at various key moments of this program.

She also mentions keeping only the positive, which allows her to turn the page with a smile and not to regret certain events: “ the encounters, the emotions, the stored experience or the breathtaking landscapes“.

Indeed, in this adventure, although the difficulty is a very important point of it, several outstanding moments are often mentioned. Thus, we can find the landscapes, the discovery of the island, the climatic hazards and certain behaviors of candidates.

Among his moments of anthology, we find the goat of Mohamed, the departure of Moundir and the enormous record of Claude on the test of the lazy ones.

She wants to improve the image of the show!

You should know that the adventure show Koh Lanta has been badly tainted recently.

This is in particular due to the various accusations of cheating made by certain candidates. Accusations which also affect very important candidates of this last season, like Laurent and Claude.

The finale of this last season was also very surprising. You should know that the production of the show, as well as Denis Brogniart, also chose not to elect a winner. This is in particular due to the two finalists who were considered cheaters by the show.

The production also has different evidence to support their point. This allows him not to be the victim of attacks from candidates. Candidates who did not express themselves on this subject.

For this, she specifies to her subscribers not to rely on the last season of the show. She also specifies that it is important for them to trust the program which aired last night on TF1. And which allows us to retrace the 20 years of this great adventure.

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