Le Biche, the Dundee tuna boat from Groix, has arrived in the Antilles – Lorient

It’s the end of an adventure and the start of another for the Les Amis du Biche association, which worked to restore this dundee groisillon tuna boat. After forty-eight days of crossing, the crew of the Biche landed in the West Indies on December 20. Arrived on the 17th in Martinique, the boat had to stay at anchor, due to sanitary measures and while waiting for places to become available in the port.

Throughout his journey, the association kept a blog to feed the educational project carried out with several West Indian schools and the Lorient country. “The blog was very popular”, welcomes Marc Maussion, president of the association. “There will be school visits on site,” he adds.

Thirteen people shared the adventure on board: Jean, the captain; Juliette, his second, to whom we owe the stories and illustrations in the travel diary; Valentin, cook sailor and ten other crew members, trainees. On the blog, the faithful of Le Biche discovered their portraits over the course of the epic. Typed and illustrated biographies, deliciously old-fashioned. From the mountain woman Françoise who, at 66, made her dream come true by embarking with her friend Dominique, to Pascal, a native of Berrichon, who waited 45 years to live out her passion for the open sea. They have all lived an extraordinary adventure.

Cruises to the Antilles and a return to Lorient on March 15

“Links were forged, without realizing it, sometimes even absurd, encounters that we would not necessarily have imagined. In any case, humanly, we will remember something ”. The words of the travel diary sound like an end credits. But, not quite. The adventure continues with a cruise from Martinique from January 8 to 14, Martinique – Guadeloupe via Les Saintes from January 30 to February 5, another Guadeloupe – Martinique, via Marie Galante, from February 9 to February 15 and, finally , the return to Lorient, via the Azores, from March 15th. Regarding cruises on site, the crew advises depending on the health situation. “The situation in the Antilles is not easy,” explains Marc Maussion. There are still some places.


To book a cruise, go to the Biche website.

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