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Marc Brunet is a solidarity magician. He transforms his sporting space-time into hard cash. And as he is infinitely generous, a bit crazy, and above all very courageous, he decided to link Paris to the port of Antwerp (Belgium) by turning his big wheel of humanitarian fortune. It’s good with a big bi (that’s it !) that he has just ridden, during this unique cycling trip. No less than 700 kilometers with 3,600 meters of vertical drop, in 53 hours, to raise funds and support the largest civilian hospital ship in the world: the Global Mercy of the NGO Mercy Ships.

Time is solidarity money

After riding a recumbent bike from Valencia to Everan (6,250 km across 12 countries) in 2012, running the Marathon des Sables (260 km in autonomy in the Moroccan desert) in 2016, and many other humanitarian challenges, the 66-year-old Drômois imagined this somewhat crazy adventure to amaze you. Indeed, this expedition aims to raise funds to help 10 children to regain sight, which corresponds to approximately 2,500 € (per child).

This great bicycle traveler extends each of his experiences through conferences that he leads in different settings (associations, professionals, education, etc.). Effort and sharing are the key words of our retiree!

The adventure in big bi that says Mercy (Ships)!

For each of his adventures, Marc Brunet selects a humanitarian association. In this specific case, he went to Mercy Ships, which is deploying its hospital ships to offer free interventions to the poorest: a large number of their patients travel hundreds of kilometers to receive care on board. Thousands of children suffer from eye conditions (cataracts, glaucoma …), especially on the African continent, which makes them progressively blind.

This is why Marc decided to weave a breadcrumb trail thanks to the ancestor of the modern bicycle between his home and the brand new “Global Mercy”. This enormous maritime building recently came out of the shipyard and is currently at the port of Antwerp for the last specific fittings. What to deposit directly in the holds of this giant, from the bags of the grand-bi, the humanitarian funds collected!

Grand Bi make you

The cheers on his arrival at the port of Antwerp certainly erased the difficulties encountered by Marc during his trip. The edition of Paris-Roubaix 2021 may seem pale next to this solidarity adventure in big bi. Braving temperatures of -1 ° and wet paved trails for several days, the overactive sexagenarian has certainly pitched on his most unstable boat. But he was able to count on several occasions on the support of other cyclists who came to encourage him on his route. An unprecedented challenge that deserves to be saluted!

“I want to encourage people to enter into a process of sharing. That some understand that they live in privileged situations, while for others, it is a question of survival.”

Marc Brunet in Le Dauphiné Libéré

There is still time to embark on this solidarity adventure in big bi! If you want to support Marc Brunet’s humanitarian initiative, go to the association’s website “SOLIDARITY ADVENTURE“. There is no doubt that later on other challenges will be offered. To find out more about the NGO Mercy Ships, it’s this way.

Photo credits: Aventure en SoliDaire & L’Union

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