This famous French humorist had a sexual adventure on a plane … in the middle of Christmas!

At the end of November, Laurent Ruquier took charge of the Big heads. During this program broadcast on RTL, the host was treated to his share of anecdotes including a tasty one from JeanFi Janssens.

The comedian was questioned by the actress Michèle Bernier on his past as a stewart. Indeed, she was curious to know if he had asked as much to fasten the seatbelt in the planes of his former company as to undo it at home …

The opportunity for those close to Stéphane Plaza and Karine Le Marchand to tell a particularly … naughty story. “Once, I remember, it was Christmas Eve. We were going to Gabon with some guys, and one of the guys said, ‘Oh, it’s my first Christmas without my family.’ All that, all that … I said to him: ‘Yes, but still, you go to an oil rig! It saves money, it’s worth spending a Christmas on the plane.’ And he said to me: ‘Yes, but hey …’ And then, during the flight, it was a night flight, he said to me: ‘Wouldn’t you sit down next to me for a drink?’ So I tell him I’m not allowed, ‘You realize I’m in uniform, I can’t have a drink with a client.’ So he said, ‘Oh, everyone is asleep, there is nobody!’ “, he remembered.

The story got more interesting when he agreed to “drink a little bit of red” with the passenger in question while taking care not to be detected. “I take a drink, and he says, ‘Aren’t we doing a little thing in the bathroom? Aren’t you giving me a treat?’ So I said: ‘All the same … okay! I told her that we would meet in the toilet in 5 minutes (…) I went to see the hostess behind and I said to her:’ You be careful because I’m going to suck the passenger over there ‘And she tells me why? I said to her:’ Well, to build customer loyalty! ‘

An adventure that will have made his comrades laugh!

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