A box office success that no one wanted to bet on …

At the dawn of the New Year, in the heart of the Mediterranean. The tragic race against the clock of a handful of survivors, prisoners of a liner overturned by a tidal wave, and whose sinking is inevitable … With its innovative special effects and its apocalyptic atmosphere, The Adventure of Poseidon was the second biggest hit of 1972, after The Godfather. The film garnered eight Oscar nominations, grossed over $ 300 million, and started the craze for disaster movies. The genre culminated in The infernal tower, in 1974. It took a certain courage for the producer Irwin Allen to put together this project, when no one in Hollywood wanted to bet on this Titanic-style shipwreck.

The film, directed by Ronald Neame, has since become a classic. A liner is overturned by a tidal wave, keel over deck. The only salvation for the survivors is to reach the enclosure of the propellers… This apnea camera is taken from a bestseller by Paul Gallico, inspired by an accident that happened to the Queen Mary in 1937. The special effects and the sets remain impressive. And we remember Shelley Winters as a fat lady with a fragile heart, and Gene Hackman, modern priest and protestor who guides the castaways to the surface.

L’Aventure du Poseidon, Thursday December 30 at 8:55 p.m. on Arte

Isabelle Magnier

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