Figure of Saint-Quentin, businessman Eric Norel has died


After a long fight for our father he left for a soothing journey. It is in these terms that his children announced on social networks this Thursday, December 30 in the middle of the day the death of their father Eric Norel at the age of 59 years. ”
A great man, who always fought for what he wanted. A father, a pillar, an adventurer, a visionary, a dreamer, a jerk at times, a love, a daring, a brave, a fighter, a hard worker, a rockstar, a free man.

Eric Norel was indeed a unique character in Saint-Quentin life. Admired by some, decried by others, it was in any case ”
an emblematic person for the city of Saint-Quentin
”, As summarized by those close to him.

His life is like a success story. Son of a worker, he obtained a CAP in cooking in 1979 before becoming deputy director of the Miami cafeteria five years later (later became Flunch) then director. By climbing the ladder he became director of Flunch France in the early 2000s. opening around sixty franchises throughout France.

“I have always shared everything: knowledge, power and having”

His business acumen and self-sacrifice made him invest in numerous businesses or franchises in Hauts-de-France and many in Saint-Quentin. In particular, he is developing the Cerisiers area in Saint-Quentin or several downtown businesses such as Fabien. We find him behind real estate projects or leisure in often innovative concepts.

In 2015, he buys the Arras golf course. A few months later in 2016, the man in the shadows gets into politics to everyone’s surprise. It will be the time of a campaign for partial legislative elections in order to find a replacement for Xavier Bertrand, who has become president of the region. It comes without a label. ”
I did a lot of work on me. I have come to a turning point in my life, he told us at the time. I asked myself: what can you do to continue what you have started? For me, sharing is the meaning of life. I have always shared everything: knowledge, power and having. »He will obtain an honorable 5.80% of the votes but will not repeat the adventure.

He will continue to invest in particular in Saint-Quentinois, working together with his children. The disease struck him down at the dawn of his 60th birthday, but many projects are still underway. His relatives, like his determined character, say: ”
The story does not stop, the story continues …

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