16-year-old high school student Maud wins the cup

The Best Pastry Chef: Maud, 16-year-old high school student, wins the cup

A well-deserved victory according to the Belgian candidate who remains fair play.


At the end of thirteen weeks of competition, Alexandre lost the final of the Best Pastry Chef competition. The Belgian candidate looks back on the adventure that changed his life.

The Belgian does not have to be ashamed of his career. After thirteen weeks of relentless baking, Alexandre managed to secure a good place on the final podium. A first for a Belgian man. Facing him, the great favorite Aya and the high school student Maud fought to the end. It is finally the youngest of the competition who lifts the cup and marks the history of the top of her 16 years. A well-deserved victory according to the Belgian candidate who remains fair play! Alexandre has chosen to retain only the best and that is also what we will remember from him. An endearing candidate and attached to his country, proud representative of Belgium and its values. All with kindness, naturalness, humor and talent.

During the thirteen weeks of competition, Alexandre multiplied the technical demonstrations and the precise achievements. If his imitations of François Damiens did not convince everyone at the beginning of the adventure, the character then quickly conquered the public. Improving from week to week, the one we nickname “Mich” has discreetly asserted his place in the competition, until becoming a key candidate.

Lavenir.net: Alexandre, what was your fondest memory of the shoot?

Alexandre: My fondest memory is undoubtedly my first victory in the technical test at Mercotte. After several weeks in the top three, reaching first place was great.

We often felt attached to your competitors during the filming. What was your best encounter?

I did not have a particularly beautiful meeting, I got very attached to many candidates. One meeting that I did not expect, however, is that of Marie Portolano. She was criticized a lot of times but she didn’t deserve it, she was really great with us. Very empathetic, natural and super nice.

Many prestigious chefs have come to guide you during the creative tests. Which chef did you like the most?

Maxence Barbot, Pastry Chef at Shangri-La in Paris. He was truly exceptional! Very humble and caring. He took the time to chat with us, it was great.

Did living the shoot change the way you viewed the competition?

Yes and no… No because everything appears on TV the same way we experienced it. There is no real script or editing arrangements. However, some of my perceptions have obviously changed. As a viewer, you don’t realize what is next. The various shots, the photo shoots of the achievements, the interviews with journalists during the receipts… It’s all the mysterious side that the public cannot imagine.

At the end of this adventure, would you say that the Best Pastry Chef has changed your life?

Yes totally! It allowed me to learn a lot and to meet incredible people. Afterwards, the biggest change is being recognized in the street. It’s still special sometimes, but I’m lucky to have the audience behind me. The words addressed to me are adorable!

Do you have any surprises in store for the public who wish to continue to follow you?

Sure! Very nice surprises are coming for 2022. On television, in certain stores and on social networks. I am very grateful to all the people who allowed me to experience this adventure and to the public who have supported me from the start. Thank them is the least I can do.

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