Koh-Lanta, The great adventure – Part 2 – Koh-Lanta

20 years of contested trials, turnarounds and surprise votes in the Council, 20 years of robinsons life, immunity totems and Comfort games won. But above all, 20 years that the torch of Koh-Lanta has burned, since it entered the hearts of the French, it was in 2001. On December 21, on TF1, Denis Brogniart and 40 emblematic adventurers who marked you by their courage and their personality, invite you to relive these 20 years of Koh-Lanta. They all lent themselves to the game of memories and confidences, to tell you like never before, this unique experience that changed their life.With them, and guided by Denis Brogniart, you will discover or rediscover all the strongest moments that have built the legend of this extraordinary adventure. 27 seasons, nearly 400 adventurers, … Even if you think you know everything about Koh-Lanta, this bonus event will surprise you, move you and make you discover this epic in a whole new way. Some of the most iconic adventurers will tell you about their adventure, like never before. You will also discover some behind the scenes of the production of this flagship show, and Denis Brogniart will deliver, in complete privacy, on this adventure which changed his life.We open with you the big book of Koh-Lanta, an exceptional evening , not to be missed. You are not 20 every day! So as in all families, it’s worth celebrating! Koh-Lanta celebrates its 20th anniversary on December 21, at 9:05 p.m. on TF1

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