Laurine and Adrien in the 4 L Trophy adventure

Laurine and Adrien are getting ready for the sporting and humanitarian adventure of the 4L Trophy.  For their project, they received financial support from the municipality represented by Florence Le Saint (mayor) and David Le Querriou (first deputy).
Florence Le Saint (mayor) and David Le Querriou (deputy), surrounding Laurine and Adrien who received the support of the municipality. © L’Echo.

Participate in Trophy 4 L, travel the 6,000 kilometers that will take them from Biarritz to Marrakech, Laurine Lancien, from Pommerit-le-Vicomte, nurse, and Adrien Cadet, from Saint-Agathon, student at ESIR (the Graduate School of Engineers of Rennes), have dreamed of it for a long time, and for them:

“The 4 L Trophy is a great adventure that is at the same time human, sporting, united and humanitarian”

The young adventurers are both 23 years old and will form crew n ° 2183, him as pilot and she as co-pilot.

60 kg of supplies

“The humanitarian side of the student raid has always attracted us. We simply want to help, on our scale and with our means, the local population and especially the children. To say that we have participated and made possible access to education for children who are not so fortunate will be a real satisfaction for us ”.

Indeed, for the Trophy 4 L, in their old Renault, there will be 60 kg of school supplies, food and medical and sports equipment for underprivileged children in Morocco, via the association Children of the Desert.

But before buckling up their seat belts, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar by boat and living six stages in Morocco’s Great South to reach Marrakech, the young people must complete the budget necessary for their participation in this raid; an estimate of € 10,000 (registration, mechanical preparation for the 4L, insurance, gasoline, accommodation, etc.).

Support from the municipality

To do this, they created the association, a legal framework to be able to collect funds. Her name : 4 L Koun Trec’h, nod to their native Brittany. Then they approached traders, artisans and businesses for sponsorship, through the purchase of advertising space on their cars. They also asked the municipality, which responded favorably by granting aid of € 200.

On Friday, on the occasion of the delivery of this donation, Florence Le Saint, mayor and mayor of Pommerit-le-Vicomte, did not hide the pleasure of the municipal team.

“Happy to support you in your project, which revolves around values ​​such as team spirit, mutual aid and friendship. Beyond the sporting and adventurous aspect, it is a great boost from young people in the service of others, of destitute populations and in particular of children ”.

A 4 L from 1991

The two young adventurers also found a red 4L.

“A car that will take its first steps in the Moroccan desert and displays 88,000 km on the odometer. It is from 1991 and is one of the last 4 L to come off the assembly lines of Renault factories ”.

In the coming weeks, if their budget is now practically complete, the main concern for the crew will be to find sports equipment (jerseys, shorts, jogging bottoms, balls, etc.).

Call for sports clubs

They are also launching an appeal to sports clubs “which perhaps have sets of children’s jerseys in good condition lying in the back of the cupboard”, but also to individuals and sports education.

To support Laurine and Adrien in their adventure, contact them on 06 47 02 22 78 or 06 78 62 99 23. E-mail:

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