Lilian Cottet-Emard was part of the Jura Sud Foot 1998-1999 team which beat Saint-Etienne

“We were all amateur players” (© Voix du Jura / Monique Henriet)

In 1998-1999, Lilian Cottet-Emard, played in the jersey of Jura-Sud Foot during the first adventure in the Coupe de France. He was part of the team that faced theAS Saint-Etienne. Sequence of memories and emotions too.

Even today when we find ourselves between former players of that time, there is a magic thing between us. Because this Coupe de France was an extraordinary sporting and human adventure ! “, spear Lilian Cottet-Emard with an enthusiasm which returns immediately in his remarks.

Trained atAJ Auxerre, he joined the ranks of Jura Sud Foot after spending a year under the colors of the Lons-le-Saunier club which was in difficulty.

I arrived at Jura Sud Foot the year of the rise and adventure in the Coupe de France. And when we reached the 8th round against Saint-Etienne, we found ourselves in a whirlwind.

“We trained in the presence of the cameras and when we went to Lons-le-Saunier for the match, it was under police escort… At the time we were all amateurs and for many from the region. We had no personal ambitions ”.

We trained every night when we got out of work

We trained every night after work and even on free evenings we met at each other’s house. Within this team there was an incredible atmosphere. It was like a second family, a clan, with several former pros who melted into the mold (Jean-Michel Peuget, Jean-Charles Faure, Laurent Alvera, Alain Diatta, Antony Corvino …), who gave us a soul warrior.

Lilian Cottet-Emard

Facing Saint-Etienne, ” we were super happy to receive them, but we knew that if we could hurt them we would. So I found myself facing a player that I had already scored in the Gambardella Cup. We didn’t give each other any gifts and at the end of the match we happily exchanged our jerseys. Same thing against Toulouse in the next round “.

“Afterwards, we have to admit that Clermont-Ferrand was the worst draw against a team which only had one division more than us and at home. Despite everything, it was impressive to see all these supporters who came. During these last cup matches we
almost felt like pros! “.

We must be intractable

And then for Lilian, a man had an important role in this adventure: Diego Garzitto. “It reminds me a little of Pascal Dupraz (Saint-Etienne’s coach) whom we encountered when we played Thonon Gaillard and who we found in Toulouse).
Diego knew how to transcend us and afterwards we could laugh. It was necessary to fight on all the balls and to be intractable in defense ”.

As for today’s team, the former Jurasudist (who is assistant to sports at the city of Saint-Claude and vice-president of the community of municipalities Haut-Jura Saint-Claude)
underlines the qualities of the team and those of the coach Valentin Guichard who surrounded himself with a staff of former players.

2 – 1 for Jura Sud Foot

Valentin is a kid from the club, whom I trained by the way. He likes the beautiful game and he wants to win the bet. At the team level, I think they have to understand that we should not play in the Coupe de France as in the league. The cup is played on a match. They lack a warrior’s mind.

Lilian Cottet-Emard, former player

They really have to fight on all the balls and go on the set pieces “, Concludes Lilian Cottet-Emard confident, predicting a 2-1 for Jura Sud Foot.

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