Mélanie Orl: Her trip to Egypt is not going as planned!

Hard, hard for Mélanie Orl to learn that her trip to Egypt is far from what she dreamed of. Disappointed and mocked by Internet users, the young woman confides.

Whereas Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega taunt her with their fusional love, the beautiful Mélanie she spends beautiful days in Egypt. Fine indeed, but not as she hoped. Indeed, after an eventful year, the young woman needs to isolate herself. After a media separation with Greg, the beauty remains calm and does not bow to the usual post-breakup public unpacking: “I know you are all waiting for me to bring up a subject that I will not touch on. I am telling you the truth, I will not address because I am quite upset like that, I do not want to be even more. Right now, what I prefer to do is take my mind off things with you and with the people I meet, my family, my friends. I need to take time for myself. “.

Mélanie Orl was completely wrong about the country

After an eventful adventure in Mexico, in which she finds herself confronted with her ex, Mélanie Orl needs a rest. After the return of the beautiful blonde, however, she explains that she is soothed thanks to the filming:“It was a very difficult adventure emotionally. But besides that, it was a very beautiful adventure. It gave me a lot of things. I left this adventure grown and proud. I left without any regrets about everything. About my actions, my choices, my words and my decisions. I left without any regrets and that’s really the most important (…) I stayed long enough to have a lot of clashes, several wonderful meetings and only great decisions. In a few words: world war, hypocrisy, lies, love, friendship, certainties, choice, unbelievable… Unheard of ”.

Egypt, a dream destination for a well-deserved vacation. Unfortunately, it seems that the young woman has omitted a big detail: winter is cold and not hot … Completely confused by the temperature, the young lady had to go shopping in order to replenish her suitcase. Shocked, she confides, full of self-mockery in Instagram story. Internet users are hilarious. Who doesn’t look at the weather forecast before going on a trip? Mélanie Orl looks like …

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