Coupe de France: end of the adventure for Linas-Montlhéry after an incredible scenario

After a great journey, the Entente Sportive et Athlétique de Linas-Montlhéry (ESALM) left the Coupe de France this Sunday evening after its setback against the pros of SC Amiens in the round of 16 during a spectacular game (3-3) which took place. finished at the end of the penalty shoot-out (4-3).

The Essonniens will regret for a long time their start of the second half which undoubtedly cost them a qualification history for the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. But, Stéphane Cabrelli’s men still made their supporters vibrate thanks to an exceptional end of the meeting.

What you must remember

We thought it was all over in 5 minutes when we got back from the locker room. Amiens defensive midfielder Gnahore opened the scoring following an attempt at entering the area (0-1, 48 ‘). In the process, Akolo doubled the bet on a cross shot (0-2, 50th). Showered by this catastrophic start to the second period, Linas-Montlhéry conceded a 3rd goal on a strike from Lahne in the skylight (0-3, 53rd). The Essonnien goalkeeper Ali Lutimba had delayed the deadline during the first act by brilliantly pushing back several attempts by Benet (6th), Lahne (39th) and Akolo (31st).

While we seemed to be heading towards a quiet qualification for the Picards, Tom Thumb will first reduce the score by two times through Tom Bouvil. The attacker is first at the conclusion of a good collective action (1-3, 64th) before making a superb half-volley in the top corner of Thuram Ulien (2-3, 70th).

Baba Sylla, coming into play, misses a magnificent opportunity at the penalty point (75th). But in added time, he equalized with a header (3-3, 90th + 2). The Picards were ultimately more efficient during the penalty shootout and qualified for the round of 16.

Man of the match: Tom Bouvil

Linas-Montlhéry striker Tom bouvil allowed the Desgouillons stadium to vibrate in the second half thanks to its superb double. With his team down 3-0, he managed to bring hope back to his team by scoring two superb goals.

The 28-year-old player, passed by Antony (DSR), the 3rd team of PSG (R1) then the ACBB (N 2) had twice donned the panoply of a hero. In the 7th round, he scored the winning goal against Dunkirk (1-0) then in the next round against Évreux (N 3) he equalized before shooting the qualifying goal. This Sunday evening, he unfortunately missed his shot on goal in front of Amiens goalkeeper Thuram Elien, synonymous with elimination for his team.

The number: 7

Like the number of clubs beaten by Linas-Montlhéry during his crazy saga in the Coupe de France this season started last September against Vaires-sur-Marne. The Essonniens then eliminated FC MNVDB, Yerres-Crosne, JS Suresnes, Dunkirk, Évreux and Angers on December 19. Despite great resistance, the formation of N 3 failed to pass the obstacle of Amiens SC.


Linas-Montlhéry (N 3) – SC AMIENS (L 2): 3-4 at tab (3-3)

Half-time: 0-0. Spectators: 1,500. Referee: M. Batta.

Goals. Linas-Montlhéry: Bouvil (64th, 70th), Sylla (90th + 2); Amiens: Gnahore (48th), Akolo (50th), Lahne (53rd).

Warnings. Linas-Montlhéry: Tsota (21st); Amiens:.

Linas-Montlhéry: Lutumba – Tchabo, Marcilla (cap.), Tsota (O. Diallo, 68th), Kouassi (Baroudi, 80th) – Is. Cissé (Roca, 58th), Dignan (Sylla, 68th), Fukidi (Duval, 58th) – Bouvil , Leno, Ngeyitala. Entr. : Cabrelli.

Amiens: Thuram Ulien – Traoré, Lachuer, Zangu – Gene, Gomis (Diagne, 78th), Gnahore, Benet, Sy – Lahne, Akolo (Keita, 67th). Entr. : Hinschberger.

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