“The micro-adventure is fantastic, but being confronted with elsewhere is essential”

“Petaouchnok”, he’s been there a lot of times, he’s even a specialist in the destination. One of the handful of cathodic globetrotters who crisscross the planet in all directions, Raphaël de Casabianca this time makes a stopover in a bookstore. The start of a new adventure for the host of Rendezvous in Unknown Land.

“With Antoine Delaplace, my childhood friend, we wanted to share places that we loved or that make us dream in a nice, playful tone,” says Raphaël de Casabianca. To discover this wonderful, beautiful world in which we could not go for a little while and which makes you want to go back. »The result is called Destination Pétauchnok : 200 pages filled with magnificent photos – the starting point of this adventure -, anecdotes, games, tips … A summary of the best that planet Earth can have to offer, with a good dose of humor and optimism for this project, which was launched in the midst of Covid.

A guide in preparation

And the two founders of Petaouchnok do not intend to stop there. “There is one thing in which we believe a lot with Antoine, it is reciprocity,” explains Raphaël de Casabianca. How we can get to the country we are visiting. “

So with this book, the authors of Destination Pétauchnok wanted to reciprocate, by returning all their copyright to the Secours Populaire “Holidays” campaign. Its goal: to offer days of escape to the most disadvantaged families. Those who were the first to undergo the confinement and social distancing measures, recalls the association. Better still, Raphaël de Casabianca and Antoine Delaplace succeeded in convincing their publisher to donate all the profits of the book to Secours Populaire. “In recent months, people often ask me if it’s not too hard not to travel,” says Raphaël de Casabianca. But for me the answer is no, I have been very lucky already. We realize with this forced immobilization of the reality of many people, who will never leave, who will not have the chance to be confronted with elsewhere, with wonder, with encounter. We wanted this book to inspire, but also to allow children and families to go on a trip. Because we know how much a trip can change a life and our outlook on the world. “

When I started traveling, we didn’t ask ourselves these questions, we were in a world of consuming very strong experiences. Now these questions are essential.

And already the authors of Petaouchnok see further. “We have the idea of ​​developing a guide, it’s in the pipeline,” says Raphaël de Casabianca. A guide that would allow travelers to get involved in the country they are discovering, to give time, to get involved. When I started traveling, we didn’t ask ourselves these questions, we were in a world of consuming very strong experiences. Now these questions are essential, thinks Raphaël de Casabianca. We have seen that Thomas Cook had gone bankrupt, for example, that this “overconsumption” had had its day, ”he believes.

Committed trips

However, no question of hanging up the backpack. “I am often told not to take a plane, but I am really for the trip. I wouldn’t be what I am if I hadn’t opened up to the rest of the world. The micro-adventure is fantastic, but being confronted with elsewhere is essential to build your place in the world. When it’s done well. And I think volunteering your time is a very good solution. Give a day of his trip, a week. Quite simply because it’s great, that we meet people… I am convinced that we must value that. But it has to become fun, nice, and easy to have this approach, via an application that allows in two seconds to meet people and do something good whether in Bali, Argentina or even in Italy . I really believe in it. “

After all these years traveling the planet, could he cross over to the other side and become a travel designer in his turn? The idea already seems to be gaining ground and contacts are made with certain adventure travel specialists. But this will not necessarily be the next site of the Petaouchnok project. First, the guide and the app. “It’s a long-term job but we believe in it and that’s what is great. In the journey, there are still some great things to do. To be continued, therefore.

In the meantime, the Petaouchnok community is growing on Instagram. Launched last year, it already has 174,000 subscribers addicted to “their daily dose of travel”.

Destination Pétauchnok, Raphaël de Casabianca and Antoine Delaplace, Hachette editions, 205 p., 24.95 euros including tax. All copyrights and profits for the work are donated to the Secours Populaire Holidays campaign.

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