10 perfect couples 5: Anissa in a relationship with Ahmed on an adventure? An info falls

10 perfect couples 5

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Credits: Instagram: vaarruecos

In 10 Perfect Couples 5, Anissa and Ahmed would have entered into a relationship. We give you all the information.

The broadcast hasn’t even started yet as there are plenty of rumors going around regarding the 5th season of 10 perfect couples. A show that promises strategy, love and above all clashes! Moreover Sarah lopez would have been at the heart of a big muddle. This year in the cast also features Anissa, a former contender of Dylan in The Villa of Broken Hearts 6. PFor her second participation in a reality TV program, the young woman with a strong character would have entered into a relationship with Ahmed, the ex of Sarah Fraisou. But all would not have been rosy between the two candidates. We tell you everything in the rest of the article!

Vaaruecos Reveals Anissa's Love Situation In 10 Perfect Couples 5
Vaaruecos makes revelations about Anissa’s love situation in 10 Perfect Couples 5 – Credit (s): instagram: vaarruecos

As you can see in the screenshot above, vaarruecos revealed that Anissa and Ahmed would have experienced a romance on the set of 10 perfect couples 5. In a question-and-answer story on Instagram, a subscriber asked the blogger if the young woman was going to pair up on the adventure, to which he replied: “She is going to be a couple in the adventure with Ahmed but it will break out everywhere and they will leave each other”. Obviously, their story would have sparked! In view of the temperaments of the two characters, does that surprise you the meltynauts? We, at the editorial staff, not really.

Lots of reconciliations

This year, love would have been there! Indeed, the Instagram account vaarruecos also revealed that the young woman would have approached Jordan at the beginning of the adventure. According to other rumors, the Ch’ti finally got into a relationship with Manon Van. Also know that it is rumored that Sarah Lopez and Ahmed would have flirted together. But, the good friend of Mélanight would have finally found love in the show and today, she would be in a relationship with Tom Brussels. Well we leave you a little suspense, because 10 perfect couples 5, it starts this Monday January 3 on TFX from 6 p.m.!

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