Epic Games Store: A great adventure game to pick up this Monday!

Game news Epic Games Store: A great adventure game to pick up this Monday!

It has become a tradition. Each year as the holidays approach, Epic Games uses its platform to offer free games every day for two weeks. The 2021 edition has started, and you have until tonight to grab a new game.

It all started on Thursday, December 16, the day the PC version of Final Fantasy VII remake. That day, players were able to add for free
Shenmue III at their game library. The title could be retrieved for 24 hours, then gave way to Neon Abyss, which itself was subsequently replaced by Remnant: Ashes.

But since yesterday at 5 pm, it is a horrific adventure game that is offered on the Epic Games platform. It is The disappearance of Ethan Carter, which can be classified in the list of “walking simulators”, and which can be added to Epic Games Store accounts until 4:59 p.m.. The identity of the next game offered as part of this “Advent Calendar” is still unknown, but it won’t be long before we find out which one it is.

In the meantime, remember that The Vanishing of Ethan Carter was released in 2014, and that it was developed by The Astronauts and published by Nordic Games, since then THQ Nordic. The title puts the players in the skin of a private detective, Paul Prospero, endowed with strange capacities whose objective is to find the trace of a child. To do this, he travels to an almost deserted valley called Red Creek Valley, from where the child in question has sent a disturbing letter. On the spot, the detective notices the disappearance of Ethan Carter, but also a whole series of murders particularly violent.

Composed of some well-crafted puzzles and riddles although a little too “simple”, the title mainly offers a striking atmosphere and panoramas, a captivating scenario, and manages to create a real feeling of unease. It will not take you long to complete the experience, which ends after 4 to 5 hours of play. Either way, consider picking it up if you’re interested, as it is not yet known whether Epic will offer a catch-up session at the end of the fortnight, which will take place on December 30. Note also that the last title offered will remain accessible until January 6, 2022.

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