the end of the adventure for US Chauvigny against Olympique de Marseille

Logical defeat of US Chauvigny against Olympique de Marseille 0-3. The small club of Vienne sees its adventure in the Coupe de France end in the round of 16. A good performance despite everything and good memories for the club and the supporters.

“We are very proud to be Chauvinese” indicated Tom Laubertie, president of Ultras Chauvinois. The supporters’ club feels no sadness, no disappointment. “We are clear on the fact that we were facing one of the best teams in France, we gave everything, the players Also. One is happy !” he explains the day after the defeat of the US. Chauvigny against OM, three goals to zero.

We really liked and enjoyed it all. It was something unique for the club!

Tom Laubertie, ultras Chauvinese clubs

Same satisfaction and same feeling of pride for Stéphane Malloyer, the coach of the US. Chauvigny. And even if he left his voice at the edge of the field, he emerges from the adventure with his head held high: “We knew very well that it was going to be complicated, but we were not humiliated, far from it and I have the feeling of a duty accomplished” Another reason for great pride for him, the respect which the Marseillais have shown proof with regard to the small club of Chauvigny.

Marseille arrived with a typical league 1 championship team and that is a sign of respect. We saw that they took the game seriously, it’s great!

Stéphane Malloyer, Chauvigny coach

Only small regret, for the coach as for the supporters, that Chauvigny did not score a goal.

I would have liked us to score a goal, the first goal because during the first 20 minutes we had chances …

Stéphane Malloyer, Chauvigny coach

There will remain many memories for all those involved in this adventure, player leaders, volunteer supporters. They are proud of their team’s career and hope to dream again next year, with why not a round of the Coupe de France against Paris-Saint-Germain and all its stars …

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