End of the adventure in Boston for Joe Johnson, “Just a question of opportunity”

Signed for a 10-day contract via a hardship exception, the veteran Joe johnson has already left the Celtics. Imé Udoka announced yesterday before the Magic meeting that he would not be re-signed for an additional 10-day contract.

Udoka, however, thinks he still has a place in the NBA.

“From a physical and play point of view, yes,” says Ime Udoka. “If we had had more positive results, we would have been confident to put him on the court for more minutes. His experience was immediately noticed, his voice was immediately noticed in the locker room, and the respect of all the players was visible. Apart from the coaches, he spoke more than some of the guys who have been there for a long time. “

Johnson will only have played 2 short minutes, the time to register a basket.

“Physically he’s in just as good shape as the league’s benchers, there’s no question about that,” Udoka said of his viability. “It’s just a matter of expediency. He got it because of the circumstances, and maybe it’ll open something else to him. “

Via Celtics.com

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