“Last oasis” by Charif Majdalani: Northern Iraq, summer 2014. A superb adventure novel with a thousand facets. Perhaps one fine day you will want to find the lost paradises with me …

Last oasis is a poignant reflection on the fragility of the treasures of our world confronted with the surge of a blind violence which tries to erase all traces of other civilizations

Last oasis is at the same time an adventure novel, a precise geopolitics and a fine analysis of the feelings which agitate the characters plunged in this turmoil.

The danger, first of all intangible, accentuates the beauty of things and makes the prospect of their loss even more unbearable. Time, frozen, dreamed of, suddenly accelerates to suddenly explode.

The relations between Raphaël and the other characters: General Ghadban, Captain Amine, his daughter the beautiful Chirine, his son Jalil, the troubled Rahim Abou Ezz … draw up a sometimes mysterious but always fascinating cartography of the relationships that bind people and people together. evolution of these relationships when the circumstances become exceptional.

Last oasis is therefore a novel with a thousand facets, and this is not the least of its ambitions and of interest for the reader: suspense, adventures, love, betrayal, poetry, history … The richness of the novel also lies in the talent of Charif Majdalani to carefully dose its different ingredients.

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