Michou as a couple: he formalizes (finally) his relationship with Elsa Bois, his partner in Dance with the stars! (PHOTOS) – news

After weeks of rumors, Michou and Elsa Bois have (finally) lifted the veil on the nature of their relationship. They are a couple ! A love born during the Dance with the stars adventure.

Last September, TF1 kicked off the 11th season of Dance with the stars. The opportunity for viewers to discover new personalities on the dancefloor. Over the weeks, eliminations have taken place. But for Michou and Elsa Wood – her dance partner – victories followed one after another. They also reached the final square of the competition alongside Bilal Hassani and Tayc. On November 26, the three finalists faced off in hopes of winning the trophy. Michou finished in third place on the podium, behind Bilal Hassani and Tayc, the winner of this 2021 edition.

Three months of intense competition

On Instagram, Michou and Elsa Bois did not fail to react to their experience in Dance with the stars. If the first one confided to having passed a “extraordinary adventure, filled with encounters“, the second praised the journey of her partner.”What evolution, what progress! These last 3 months have been intense both physically and emotionally. I’m so happy to have shared all of this with you for my first season! You knew how to put me at ease and make me gain confidence, and just for that, thank you. This adventure will have been magical from all points of view, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who made it possible“she wrote.

Persistent couple rumors on the networks

During the adventure Dance with the stars, Michou and Elsa Bois have been the target of dating rumors. If the duo did not fail to tease each other gently between two rehearsals, a supposed “kiss“exchanged at the end of a performance ignited social networks. TV-Leisure, Elsa Bois had explained herself. “We often laugh about it, it’s more of a running gag than anything else (…) Whether people think one thing or the other about us, it doesn’t really have an impact on us“She said. At each bonus, couple rumors resurfaced, some Internet users questioning the nature of their relationship. But neither of them formalized or denied anything during the show, nor even after, until Monday, January 3, 2022.

I fell in love

On their respective social networks, Michou and Elsa Bois announced that they were in a relationship. On Twitter, the youtubeur posted several pictures on which he appears to be an accomplice with the young woman. In caption, he simply wrote: “I fell in love“. On Instagram, he made the same post, adding a few pictures. For her part, Elsa Bois posted a photo on Twitter with the following message:”It’s official“. On her Instagram page, she also unveiled several pictures with the following mention:”I fell in love“. A little later, in his story, Michou reacted to the media enthusiasm caused by this formalization.”Elsa, I think we made France happy with this post. The whole of France is happy now. The whole of France is celebrating this! It’s a new holiday. We are a couple !“he blurted out.

Michou as a couple: he formalizes (finally) his relationship with Elsa Bois, his partner in Dance with the stars!  (PICTURES)

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