On Netflix and Prime Video, 2 films and series perfect for a good start to 2022

On Netflix and Prime Video, 2 films and series perfect for a good start to 2022

Good year ! What better way to get 2022 off to a good start (and recover from New Year’s Eve) than to sit in front of a movie or a series available on streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime Video ? Quality programs are not what is lacking in the catalog of these streaming services SVoD, and CNET France, as always, helps you make the right choices.

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For this Monday evening, we recommend two regressive and comforting programs: To hang up by Steven Spielberg, and the animated series The Adventures of Tintin.

What movies and series to watch on Netflix and Prime Video tonight?

An Enchanting Adventure Film: Hook or the Revenge of Captain Hook (Netflix)


Time has passed and Peter Pan has aged and forgotten Never Land. He now lives in the United States, he married Moira, Wendy’s granddaughter, he became a father and is now Peter Banning, a lawyer obsessed with his work. But his great enemy Captain Hook, whom he believed dead, had his children kidnapped, and forced him to return to Neverland.

CNET France’s opinion

The famous story of Peter Pan revisited by the director of AND the alien, jurassic park and Encounters of the Third Kind ? How to resist ? Especially when this director is called Steven Spielberg, and that he is one of the greatest directors of images of the imagination of childhood.

Great adventure film, hectic and generous, To hang up is also a tender and melancholy reflection on the passage of time and the stories we tell each other. A multiple discourse for a film that will appeal to all audiences, and which offers great action and comedy scenes as well as great melodramatic and poignant moments.

The feature film is also a real delight for the eyes. From sets to costumes, neat special effects, lighting and the galvanizing music of John Williams … Everything is an immense pleasure for the eyes and ears.

Before embarking on a darker 90s decade (with in particular Schindler’s List, Friendship and We have to save the soldier Ryan), Steven Spielberg delivers a great adventure film with a golden cast – with among others Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman and Julia Roberts – with that extra soul that touches the heart. A wonderful and optimistic film, ideal to see again at the start of the year.

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A cult and regressive animated series: The Adventures of Tintin (Prime Video)


The adventures of the young reporter Tintin and his dog Snowy in the four corners of the world to thwart plots and put out of harm’s way the bandits. He is supported by Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, and the friends he meets on his way.

CNET France’s opinion

Tintin is one of those popular and timeless characters, whose adventures still work just as well despite the years. From his literary beginnings in 1929 to today, the stories of the Belgian reporter continue to please and to be broadcast on many platforms. Thereby, this animated series is also available on Netflix, OCS and DNA.

If this television adaptation does not shine by the quality of its animation, obviously a little dated, it has the merit of paying perfect homage to the line and the spirit of Hergé. In addition, the adventures of the reporter are slightly simplified and the writers have erased certain “violent” scenes so that they suit everyone.

Add quality music that transcribes the heterogeneous atmosphere of Tintin’s international peregrinations and one thing is clear: he is one of the heroes that we want to introduce to new generations, whether in comics or like here in animated series.

The 39 episodes of the program, with an average duration of about twenty minutes, look at each other with delight and will awaken pleasant memories in the oldest among us, when the youngest will let themselves be taken by simple but effective intrigues. , and characters always so funny and endearing. The ideal program to see with the family at the start of 2022.

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