“Van Aventure”: a colorful third season

After another summer spent aboard his fully equipped van, Dominic Arpin returns to Évasion on Wednesday with the third season of “Van Aventure”.

From Abitibi, to James Bay, via Haute-Gaspésie and Anticosti Island, the show’s team has never done so much mileage in a season.

Still tainted by the health restrictions which in particular prevented the team from visiting certain indigenous reserves, this third season will be more akin to a documentary-reality, with a much more personal aspect than in the past, Dominic Arpin told the QMI Agency, during an interview.

In a recreational vehicle, the film crew also lived the “vanlife” way of life and went to the same places, among other places to sleep, as the seasoned adventurer. “It gives a much more real and authentic approach to what ‘vanlife’ is. I also had cameras on hand to document what was going on in my van between shoots, ”he said.

“An exotic show”

Asked about the highlights of the next season, Dominic Arpin, driving his van, said that for him the moments spent on Anticosti Island are still etched in his memory. Starting with the transport of his vehicle, placed in a container, on a cargo ship to cross the Golf du Saint-Laurent.

“To see my van lift by a crane like that, it marked me. It was actually a fun episode and it was probably the most special moment of our series. It is a still virgin Island; there is no asphalt road. It’s still really wild life and going there for a week in a van was really special. The landscapes give the impression of no longer being in Quebec, ”described the host.

On a personal level, the most memorable moment remains his parachute jump on his 50th birthday. “I have a sickly fear of heights. It has been my biggest challenge ever. In addition, I was accompanied by two of my best friends who were also on their first jump, ”he said.

Capsules on TVA

On the sidelines of the release of the third season of “Van Aventure” on Évasion, 5-minute capsules each will be released on TVA + on Wednesday.

Dedicated to winter, the “Van Aventure” capsules will present content exclusive to the platform. The team went to Charlevoix in particular to practice outdoor activities and experienced the nights at -20 degrees in a van.

“I really like winter, it’s my favorite season, but I find it quite complex to do filming in winter. The days are short, it’s cold outside, it’s more complex for the film crew with the equipment and in the van, I don’t have access to running water, to the toilet. It’s less enjoyable, “shared the host, who was not sure if he wanted to do a full series of 13 episodes devoted to the joys of winter and” vanlife “in this hostile season.

Especially since this last trip was with his dog Mika, who also sometimes seemed to find the time long. “But capsules like that, every winter, that’s yes,” he said without hesitation.

If there was a fourth season, the “Van Aventure” team would like, while keeping a few destinations in Quebec, to leave La Belle Province. The host of the series made particular reference to Western Canada, the northeastern United States (in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire), but also to the Maritime provinces, such as Newfoundland and -Labrador.

It would also be the first destination where the “Van Aventure” team would go for the fourth season. The idea would be to go there in May to see the icebergs that break away from the glaciers and descend from the north, as well as the migration of whales.

In the meantime, the “Van Aventure” capsules devoted to winter will be shown on TVA + as of Wednesday, January 5, while the full season 3 programs, shot this summer, will be broadcast on Évasion, at the same time.

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