Headland – The imaginary adventure soon on Switch

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A little more than a year after its first release on mobile, the game of the imagination is gaining momentum to deploy to consoles. Northplay is pleased to announce its arrival on Nintendo Switch for January 13, 2022.

The independent developer Northplay has been around since 2016. It is more specialized in the creation of adventure games with a childish style and has managed to find a place on the various platforms. He is now evolving his Headland mobile game to new platforms.

What awaits us in Headland?

The core of imagination Ni’s Headland is destroyed by an unknown force. Or, our protagonist must explore the corners of his own imagination in order to revive his inspiration and bring color to his world. Let’s go on an adventure strewn with pitfalls in order to collect the Core Shards. Nor will be able to unlock his imaginative powers to fight against this unknown enemy. Fight against monsters and solve puzzles across meadows, caves or castles. A colorful decor straight from Nor’s imagination awaits you.

Unlock weapons and evolve them using resources collected through the different territories. Meet robots along the way and make friends to help you out. Find your own style in the many possibilities offered by Promontory. Can you unravel the intrigue and save Nor’s make-believe world from this threatening force?

Point on PC?

Northplay don’t stop there. The developer plans to deploy the game on computer via the platform To smoke for this spring. Do not hesitate to add it in advance to follow closely the evolution of this release.

We recall that for the moment a version of the game is already available on Android and ios. Its console version is coming to Nintendo Switch the January 13 next.

Have you ever played the mobile version? Do not hesitate to tell us your opinion or your expectations on this game in the comments. Don’t forget to join us on our social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on our discord.

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