Michel Boujenah tells about his incredible sentimental adventure with … a friend of his mother’s

In the podcast In the retro, posted on the site of France Blue January 3, 2022, Michel Boujenah agreed to tell his first fantasy with a friend of his mother when he was only ten years old. The story continued years later …

A meeting that stole a little bit of innocence from him. In the podcast In retro, Déborah Grunwald on France Blue every week, Michel boujenah remade the film of his life by commenting on the little anecdotes chosen by the presenter. After evoking his ex-wife Isabelle, their two children, but also his disenchantment with Eric Zemmour whom he nicknames Gargamel, the 82-year-old comedian returned to one of his first romantic emotions at the age of 10. As the story goes the actor of Three men and a bassinet, a friend of his mother, aged about forty, marked him in his childhood.

Very special memories

We are at the beginning of the 1960s and Michel Boujenah spends most of his summers on the Tunisian coast, with his parents. At the time, the young boy was already the clown of the gang and even made his mother’s friends laugh. Especially one … Michel Boujenah fell in love with this woman, to the point of nourishing a fantasy: “She was coming home by the sea, she was in a swimsuit on the beach, and every time she walked past me, I slapped her on the buttocks “, says the actor. And the story does not stop there, it will experience an astonishing rebound years later.

Twenty years later …

In 1980, Michel Boujenah, aged 28, plays his show Albert in the Paris region and crosses paths with the same woman, Muriel, boulevard Saint-Germain. They will share a dinner. A few days later, her mother’s friend rings her doorbell, comes in and says: “Do whatever you want to me”, says the host. “Because of that, I’ve never been a jerk. The discovery of women and pleasure came late, but the real discovery of it all was then. It was so pretty, harmonious, tender and respectful “, remembers Michel Boujenah. And to conclude, moved: “It was a very important moment in my life …”

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