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Originally from Vienne, Vincent (52) and his son Tom (23) compete together in the Dakar 2022 in a vintage car. A hell of a challenge.

VS his adventure, we are going to share it together. In the words of Tom Remblier, there is the enthusiasm of a first time and the pleasure, too, of being associated with his father, Vincent. The latter transmitted to him the passion for motor sports. Vincent even made it his job by becoming a piloting instructor and manager of his own school, “3 2 1 4×4”, based in Availles-Limouzine.

And in the father-son rituals, for years, there always seems to have been the Dakar, followed every January on television. “We’ve been watching him since I was very little”, smiles Tom who does not hide his admiration for the stars of the discipline.

the key point

Impossible to imagine, during these many years of watching these pilots soar over immense expanses of dunes, that they would one day be part of it. “What made this dream possible was the opening of a new category: the Dakar Classic. “
It brings together models of old cars that took part in the rallies of yesteryear. Last year, 24 vehicles built before the 2000s were on track. This year, there were 150 on the starting line! Among them, therefore, the Rembliers set off behind the wheel of a Toyota Land Cruiser Serie 7 from 1999.
This “retro” race does not use the same tracks or the same principles as the one where the best pilots compete. It’s a regularity race, as Tom explains: “We have a route to follow and, on certain sections, there are imposed speeds. The more we respect them, the more points we earn. “ More than speed or navigation, it is therefore the management of speed and mechanics that determines its position in the standings.
The organizer (ASO) had been thinking for several years about a way to enhance the past of rally-raid, a necessity at a time of the geographic uprooting of the event, in Latin America then in Saudi Arabia for three editions.
For the Rembliers, this is hardly new. Two years ago, they took part in the Mhamid Express in Morocco. The taste of desert tracks, the sun, the competition but … “It only lasted a week and we slept every night in the same hotel”Tom smiles. In the Dakar, the event lasts fourteen days and the bivouac changes location from one stage to another. Nevertheless, the Moroccan experience gave them ideas. “As soon as we learned of the Dakar Classic, we started to prepare to go and to gather the sponsors”, underlines the two enthusiasts.
After passing two Covid tests, one in France and the other on arrival in Jeddah,they were able to start their crazy adventure and, after the 3rd stage, were in 74th place in the classification. “Our major objective is to finish the race, without focusing on the classification, assures Tom. Afterwards, we have a competitive spirit, we will inevitably get caught up in the game … “
On the other hand, nothing will be able to undermine their good understanding on board. “There can be slight tensions but we tend to laugh more when we face difficulties. Our only goal is to profit! “ And they will do everything to prolong the pleasure until January 14, date of the final stage of the Dakar 2022.

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