Fontainebleau. At 21, she wrote a historic saga … and committed

The young bellifontaine Colomba evokes historical feminism in her saga
The young bellifontaine Colomba evokes historical feminism in her saga

Immersed in his studies of biology at the Sorbonne, Dove Raybaud de Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne) wishes to become a veterinarian, a profession she particularly enjoys.
But the 21-year-old young woman has another passion: writing, to tell and bring to life the stories she imagines.

“I would like to make writing my second activity, I am really passionate. I love to create since all, even from stories and works that already exist! », Says Colomba.
She is launching this year with her first book, “The Incredible Story of Marina Atwood”. the story takes place in England, a young 23-year-old English student, passionate about 18th and 19th century history, will magically find herself immersed in this period. A historical novel, engaged and sprinkled with science fiction.

“One day Marina is going to go to a place where she will find an object that will make her travel in time until the end of the 18th century, and it turns out that it was not sent there by chance. “.

This novel is the first part of Volume 1 (the saga will have 3 NRL volumes), and evokes many social subjects and more particularly feminism.

“I am someone quite committed, especially on the issue of the emancipation of women,” she explains. Not the feminism that we know today, ultra-mediatized and which in my opinion is not too much in favor of women. I speak in this saga of historical feminism. I help people understand that the problem does not come from today ”.
“Writing helped me overcome my worries”

Family and love intrigues, strong links between the characters, Colomba wanted to bring her heroine to life “ absolutely amazing things throughout history, as happy as they are terrible, ”she adds.

She took three months to write this volume 1 and is fortunate to benefit from the advice of renowned novelist Anne Berest who helped her proofread (La Guerre est Déclarée, ADN). “I had met him a few years ago, I had told him that I loved to write, but at the time I had not yet written things intended for publication,” says Colomba.

For the young author, this adventure is also a revenge on her past: “writing helped me overcome worries, my imagination was my strength and an escape route. I put myself so much in the shoes of my characters that as soon as they have negative emotions, I myself feel impacted, ”she concludes.

To order the book, send an email:

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