WSBK Superbike Exclusive Interview Loris Baz: An exciting World Cup return!

Between a rewarding American season while defending the Ducati colors and a return to the Superbike world championship bringing hope under the banner of BMW, the French rider Loris Baz told us about his state of mind during the winter break …

Hello Loris. Can you give us a little summary of your American season with what was positive and what was less?

Loris Baz:We will say that I did not do at all what I had left for, except for one thing since I had left there to return to World Superbike with good handlebars and that I succeeded. But after in terms of results I didn’t do what I wanted to do.
Then, by clearly analyzing what happened, we immediately understand what was and what did not work, so there are very few regrets because there was an adventure that was fantastic even. if it was complicated: on the races, all the time, you know, you’ve always seen my father and my girlfriend, because I work like that. There I went on my own and left everyone behind, so it was a complicated adventure. But on the other hand, I met some exceptional people there! Now, I’ve been in the world championship for 13 years, and the best people that the race has made me meet in the teams, it’s over there! From the first day, they were super welcoming and we forged a real friendship while living an adventure which was very strong emotionally because we did two days of testing before setting off to try to win a championship against official motorcycles.
The tests were tops and the first race too, even if I got zero results because I was doing something stupid and the next day the bike broke. We went through all the emotions throughout the year, and we lived it together. In the world, whether the race is going well or not, as soon as you leave the circuit on Sunday evening, you find your loved ones and an environment that allows you to get out. If you had a bad race and you are not in good spirits, it allows you to get out of it, and if on the contrary you are euphoric it allows you to get out of that too and get back to work. There, I lived with the people I worked with, so on Sunday evening, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, when the race went badly I was with the same people who were in the same state of mind. than me. So it was hard but I have really good memories of it and I have them on the phone all the time and we write to each other for next season because in the end I was scheduled to stay there before having another one. opportunity. But on that too, they understood very well and supported me, so I’m not staying but I hope they will win the championship this year.

With Danilo Petrucci?

Yes, that seems to be it. They told me it’s almost done, so I think it’s done. I’m glad they ended up with a good pilot and a cool guy.

So we can summarize your year 2021 as a human adventure which made it possible to achieve the objectives of returning to the world, even if the results did not live up to his expectations?

Exactly ! A great human adventure that also opened Europe’s eyes to what the United States was like. When we are in the world, we always tend to denigrate the national championships, but there, there is no overall level until the 15th but there is a big level ahead. The team realized it, Ducati realized it, Paolo (Ciabatti) came to see us there and really realized that there was a big investment from the two teams ahead, machines that work, pilots who put gas on their circuits, so we do not win by chance. I tried to make this adventure come alive as well as possible through the YouTube channel for people who are not too into motorcycles. But in the end, it worked since I’m coming back to the World, so it’s cool.

Exactly, how do you see this return to the world with a brand that has never won? At what level can we place our hopes?

Already, I am super happy and happy that BMW trusts me! In the MGM team I already knew Michael Galinski since I had raced with him a long time ago, in 2010 or 2011 I believe. I think BMW approved my choice because I drove for them in 2018, and although at the time it had been a bit tricky, I think they realized that what I had done was wrong. he wasn’t so bad with the bike and the means we had at the time.
So they wanted me and I think that, if I had to, I proved to everyone in the two races in Jerez (6th and 9th) and Portimão (2 podiums + 4th) that my place was in global. So they, who already knew me, really pushed to take me.
Afterwards, it’s a really different project and it’s a bike that has not yet won, but there is a big desire to make it win at BMW, so it works, there are four riders under factory contract, and four motorcycles which will have the same package on the grid. It’s a brand that doesn’t care whether you’re tall or not, and there are three out of four pilots in their home who are tall, so that’s also good for development. So I am very happy! We did the first tests and gave the first indications based on what I know, since I am starting to have experience with all Superbike motorcycles. Taking things into account since the bike is really different, we tried to find a direction in the development and we worked very well during the three days.
We got into a project that is different from the one, for example, when I was at Ten Kate, where the bike was very close to being completely completed. There is more work there but I think this is the bike that has improved the most between 2020 and 2021, and there is really not much missing to make it a bike to play in front regularly. So we’ll see what we can do this year, but my goals will be to try to get the top five as often as possible and to try to get some podiums.

We feel a big motivation in you …

All the time ! Afterwards, winters are easier when you already know what you’re going to do, than when you don’t know what you’re going to do, like last year (laughs).

Jerez cumulative time tests :

1. Jonathan Rea (GB), Kawasaki, 1: 38,831 min
2. Michael van der Mark (Netherlands), BMW, 1: 39 788
3. Alex Lowes (GB), Kawasaki, 1: 39,865
4. Scott Redding (GB), BMW, 1: 39,909
5. Loris Baz (F), BMW, 1: 40.125
6. Xavier Vierge (E), Honda, 1: 40.228
7. Eugène Laverty (IRL), BMW, 1: 40 397
8. Iker Lecuona (E), Honda, 1: 40 430

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