End of the Coupe de France adventure

Despite a start to the match to the advantage of Stéphanoises, present in the duels and dangerous on each possession of the ball, like a strike from Cindy Caputo, who passes in front of the goal or Manon Uffren’s missile which will shake the amounts, it is well Montpellier which opens the mark at the half hour of play. The Héraultaises take the advantage on an opening in the back of the defense for Robert (ASSE 0-1 MHSC, 33rd), before making the break on a bad defensive recovery which benefits Skorvankova (ASSE 0-2 MHSC, 36th).

The second half started off with a bang, with a goal from Skorvankova, who scored twice (ASSE 0-3 MHSC, 46th), before Esther Okoronkwo reduced the score in the next minute (ASSE 1-3 MHSC, 47th). The supporters present at the Salif-Keïta Stadium had a glimmer of hope when they saw Laury Jesus revive his on the hour mark (ASSE 2-3 MHSC, 60th), but it was ultimately a short-lived hope. Montpellier, surgical on every occasion left no chance for the Greens, worsening the score twice on the achievements of Mondesir, freshly entered into the game (ASSE 2-4 MHSC, 66th) and Petermann (ASSE 2-5 MHSC, 68th). Lena Petermann, even offered a double before going out (ASSE 2-6 MHSC, 75th) and Mbakem came to complete the performance of the MHSC at the end of the meeting (ASSE 2-7 MHSC, 85th).

On n’avait pas un effectif complet mais on avait des arguments à faire valoir malgré tout. 

We will take the time to watch the game. The score is heavy, when we give goals it’s easier, concludes the Ligérien trainer, Jérôme Bonnet. We knew we were going to have a lack of automatism behind it. We will analyze what needs to be erased and we will above all retain what we have done well to put Montpellier in difficulty. There is a way to put them in difficulty when you apply things. We hit the post, we have key moments but we get punished on avoidable losses of balls. We also see the march for Faustine (Battler) who, it should not be forgotten, is a very young player (17 years). I think that in the end we lowered our heads, the 4th hurts us. It’s a team whose qualities we knew, which is well established. We had the weapons to compete, we must manage to erase these errors. It’s a cup match, the most important thing is next week and I am convinced that it will not be the same score, because we will work and find players. We did not have a full workforce but we had arguments to make anyway.

Focus now on the D1 Arkema championship, which our players will meet again next Saturday in Montpellier.

Women’s French Cup – Round of 16

Saturday January 8 – Salif-Keita Stadium

ASSE 2 -7 Montpellier

Half time: 0-3.
Corn : Okoronkwo (47th) and Jesus (60th) for ASSE. Robert (33rd), Skorvankova (36th, 46th), Mondesir (66th), Petermann (68th, 75th) and Mbakem (85th) for the MHSC.

AXIS: Burns (then Ferrucci, 45th) – El Chad (then Debbache, 72nd), Blanchard (c), Bataillard, Bonet – Condon (then Pantelic, 68th), Uffren, Caputo – Jesus, Gago, Okoronkwo.

Coach: Jérôme Bonnet.

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