Vinz (LPDLA9) gives his opinion on his princess Isabeau!

The adventure of the Princes of Love sometimes allows to find happiness, to meet new people, to discover a new environment, to live new experiences but sometimes this can lead to suffering or disappointment. This can come from the side of the suitors or the princes and princesses. Some people come to the show to gain visibility and get into the world of influence. So you can imagine that they are not always sincere and more interested in the cameras than in love. Other times, it is the princes and princesses who can hurt their suitor. By being with them on a daily basis, they inevitably end up attaching themselves, feelings can arise and when this is not reciprocal, they are necessarily hurt …

No resentment towards Illan

This was particularly the case with Vinz, Isabeau’s suitor. While the feeling seemed to be at the rendezvous between these two, they took their heads once and it got the better of their early history. She decided to eliminate him and he really didn’t like the decision. Filming is finished today and he confided in the microphone of Vdbuzz. When he talks about Marwa, Alexia, Lena and many more, he only says positive things about them. Here is what he confesses when speaking of his former princess: “ Sweet, she’s a sweet girl, I got along well with her, you must have seen it. I had small doubts before joining the adventure, for even more. And afterwards, they were validated, my doubts were founded. So a bit boring, without Illan, it would have been a whole different adventure. I got attached to her, I don’t know if she got attached to me, seeing what we see afterwards. I got caught up in the game. Being with a person every day, giving attentions, I got attached to a minimum “. He concludes by explaining that he is still in contact with her …

There were two of them in this story, but it seems Vinz doesn’t resent Illan at all: ” Problems ! He causes problems in the house, he causes problems. Considering that I was there for Isabeau and that it was a little vague between them two, before, during, after… I think he would not have been there, it would not have been the same adventure. ” He gives this answer when asked if he has any resentment towards him. : “No, no resentment. You’re with a girl, in an adventure, it’s a blur, it’s her ex, it’s normal. I put myself in his place. With my ex on the adventure, I will not be well. There’s a guy who comes to seduce her, that’s understandable too. I have nothing against him. »Could Vinz try his luck again with Isabeau? It seems like !

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