In Guéret, the Crossfit Viking Spirit room is embarking on a new adventure

If the month of January usually rhymes with New Year’s resolutions for sports establishments, the Crossfit Viking Spirit room opts for the move. As of January 31, the dumbbells will no longer fall on the rue du Cros side. It will then be necessary to get closer to Saint-Fiel to see the bars being raised.

Less traditional bodybuilding to survive

And this change of premises coincides with a new version of the structure which now places more emphasis on crossfit and less on traditional bodybuilding. “No longer having this bodybuilding space is a choice that was imposed because we no longer had enough members”, explains Kylian Loison, responsible for the temple of the Vikings.

La Creuse in the saddle for a cycling year in 2022

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But could this drop in the number of members be linked to the installation of the Basic-Fit brand in Guéret? Not really according to him.

It was not really this arrival that hurt us but rather the Covid. A lot of people have been afraid to enter a gym and it still remains. So we had to change our formula because, from a financial point of view, it was no longer profitable. In the new room, we will offer crossfit lessons but also functional strengthening, that is to say without machines. It is especially intended for people who already know how to train. Finally, luckily we had crossfit otherwise we would have had to stop everything.

Thus, all the weight machines were put on sale. They have already found a taker with a few exceptions. And the buyers are none other than former members. “It is a part of our clientele who decided to make a room at home. This is not a problem, but we know that there are advantages and disadvantages. Yes, when you are at home, you don’t have to travel. But there is no group emulation, coaching and regularity. “

The economy of the Creuse seeks to revive

Consistency and customer loyalty

This regularity is essential for crossfit lovers. It is even associated with loyalty, according to Kylian Loison. “I can currently count on 75 members. I hope everyone will follow us to Saint-Fiel. But I don’t worry too much because the clientele is very loyal. They are not going to stop like this. »Enough to continue the development of the practice in Creuse? Nothing is less sure.

In Creuse and even throughout the region, crossfit is not yet developing well enough. The hardest part is getting started and then we stay. It’s a shame because it’s a sport with a lot of advantages.

And when it comes time to list all these advantages, it is difficult to stop the young athlete. “Crossfit consists of high intensity polyarticular and functional movements. In this sport, we do violence to ourselves and we build a mind. It is the best preparation for all sports because it is very complete. And it is very beneficial for health. ”

Alix Vermande

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