Saint-Germain-Laprade. Haute-Loire present at the 4L Trophy

“Whatever happens, with or without funding, we’ll go to the 4L Trophy,” says Adrian Sagnol. The young man, who registered for the race with his friend and teammate Emmanuel Roux, testifies to their determination to both. The 4L Trophy 2022 will take place from March 5 to 15 in Morocco.

An adventure through the Moroccan desert whose cost of participation is around 10,000 € (3,350 € for registration, 4,000 to 5,000 € for the purchase of the vehicle, and the rest corresponding to expenses related to repairs, and to the arrangements of the machine).

A search for affected funding

If the pair says they are ready to finance their participation out of pocket, it is not easy. Adrien is a beginner employee. He is an operator on a pressurized water jet cutting machine and Emmanuel is a work-study student. He refines his training as a pastry chef with an additional mention of chocolatier at the IFP de Bains.

“We would prefer to balance the budget thanks to the funds collected”, indicate the two competitors. Even if at the moment, the recipes are slim. The search for sponsors and donors is still ongoing. Shaken by a sad event, she started late compared to the initial plan.

Indeed, Vivien Roux, Emmanuel’s father, a real shoulder for the two friends, died suddenly. The man who was very active in the preparations and passionate about restoring old cars, is sorely missed by the pair.

School bags and food

Beyond the preparation and the pure investment of the race, the two friends must also prepare the humanitarian action. A mandatory condition which appears in the specifications of the 4L Trophy. Young participants must bring two satchels full of school and sports supplies to the Children of the Desert association, as well as ten kilos of dry groceries, including canned goods.

“We hope to find part of the funds with crowdfunding”, says Adrian who, with Emmanuel, also prospecting with companies, sponsorship file in hand, to try to sell an advertising insert which will be flocked on the body of the 4L.

Info: The Adrian and Emmanuel duo can be reached on the social networks Instagram and Facebook: Roux D’Or Trophyste. To support them financially: crowdfunding is available on the Hello Asso crowdfunding platform.

If the 6,500 km of the 4L Trophy raid through dunes, oases and North African steppes, and the prospect of meetings by the fireside titillate the spirit of adventure, the sporting event reserved for young people between 18 and 28 years old does not nonetheless keeps a charitable and solidarity component, which also appeals to candidates.

“I like the idea of ​​being useful in the service of a cause,” enthuses Adrian.

The cause in question is at the service of Moroccan children, through the association Children of the Desert, which works to provide access to education for all, hence the demand for school materials. A minimum is required, but it is not forbidden to load your 4L box with additional supplies.

10 tons of food collected

Participants in the raid are also invited, without obligation, to give a day of their time to children in Moroccan schools sponsored by the association. One way to make other encounters that can open the mind. The Red Cross takes care of the distribution of food aid brought by the “trophysts”.

Aid which has accumulated 10 tonnes of non-perishable food every year, since 2011 (date of the implementation of the solidarity approach), enough to distribute, according to the organizer Désertour, 20,000 meals to needy Moroccan families.

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