The adventure continues for Nicolas Monnin

Nicolas Monnin rolls his bump in Saudi Arabia. The Neuchâtel motorcycle rider has been competing in the 2022 Dakar rally-raid since January 1st. Since the start of the event, he has already covered 2,141 kilometers in six specials. Contacted this Saturday by phone on the occasion of the rest day, Nicolas Monnin looks back on the first half of the race which went almost without a hitch.

This Dakar rally-raid takes place in the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert and has a few surprises in store. During the first stages, the surprisingly low temperatures hampered the drivers during the races but also at night. The thermometer did not exceed 12 degrees during the day and fell below 5 degrees in the evening during the first days of the event. Enough to tire the pilots.

Nicolas Monnin had already taken part in the Dakar 2016 edition. A race that ended in a cruel way for the Neuchâtel driver. Victim of a heavy fall during the 4th stage of this edition, he had to give up the next day due to injuries to his ribs and vertebrae. An episode which remains in the back of Nicolas Monnin’s head and which has completely changed his way of perceiving this 2022 edition.

After six of the twelve stages of this edition of the Dakar rally-raid 2022, Nicolas Monnin is ranked 118th in the event, more than 14 hours behind the leader. But for the Neuchâtel driver, the classification does not matter, the essential is elsewhere.

From this Sunday, the race resumes its rights in Saudi Arabia. The seventh stage of this Dakar rally-raid is on the program with a 402-kilometer special between Riyadh and Al Dawadimi. / gjo

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