the Marietton group in discussion to acquire a stake

On the Adventure, 3 levels of experience are offered: New Adventurers, Initiates and Great Explorers through different categories: animal observation, motorized adventure, exploration and distant lands, encounters and immersions and challenges.

For the Sport & Well-Being theme there too, 3 levels: Beginners, Athletes and Experts for trekking, hiking, cycling, multisport, kite, diving, fishing, horse riding and Yoga.

Discussions with the Marietton Group began when the founder of Planète Production showed interest in joining the TOs listed at Havas Voyages.

What interested me was to offer this offer in B2B because there is no one in this niche while there are a lot of people in B2C. Except that the specifications were too high for a small TO like mine to enter the network “ she explains.

But the idea gained ground, in the mind of Arnaud Abitbol, ​​vice-president of Marietton Développement.

Sophie Aubriet’s experience in the travel industry will allow her to offer many destinations around the world.

She has held various positions in production (Africa production manager at STI, production director for Rev Vacances, Africa director at Voyageurs du monde) and has lived and visited many countries: Australia, the Americas and Asia. .

Marietton could soon add a new string to its bow and Destination Aventure find a place alongside other tour operators. “House“: Voyamar, Héliades, Austral Lagons and Solea.

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