“This is the dark part of this adventure”

Eliminated from Do not forget the lyrics this Tuesday January 11, 2022, Manon, the 9th greatest Maestro of the game of Nagui, returns to the criticisms of which she was the target during her career.

End of game for Manon in Do not forget the lyrics. The 9th largest Maestro was eliminated from the game de Nagui this Tuesday, January 11, 2022. There is no doubt that many viewers will regret the candidate, which they should however find again during the next tournaments and Mastery. The candidate, moreover, welcomes the benevolent reactions of the people she may meet on a daily basis. “People want to take pictures, and I share my experience, she emphasizes to TV-Leisure. Many also ask me for advice for castings, to know how I revise …

A shoulder for his former challengers

Manon, moreover, is not stingy with advice. This 29-year-old child psychiatry nurse also intends to help some of her unhappy challengers. “I had a lot of them that had potential, and I would love to work with them, to make them come back stronger on the show. So that one day they will join me in the Masters. It would be nice !“enthuses the one who knows what she’s talking about, and who was already on her third attempt on the show, after having failed in the face of Renaud, then facing Maureen.

I never imagined so much free meanness

While she already mentioned the criticisms formulated on social networks in our previous interview, Manon drives the point home on this toxicity which has already hurt many other candidates before her. “This is the dark part of this adventure, she regrets. I never imagined so much gratuitous nastiness. Certain Maestros had spoken about it – it is often the women who are the victims – and were affected by these criticisms, these judgments, sometimes this daily harassment. I try to detach myself from it, but it affected my loved ones a lot. We don’t understand. Of course, we are who we are, we emit something on the screen. But we are in a particular context“, she notes.

Unjustified reproaches

Many have criticized me for not being connected enough with the challengers, for watching musicians all the time, which is wrong, explains Manon. I also stayed in touch with 90% of my challengers. I wanted to say that I tried to sing with them all the time, but when they didn’t know the lyrics, I turned to the musicians trying to enjoy with them too. You never know when her last show will be, I wanted to enjoy it. When I am told that I was shouting in the chair, of course, we are not happy to go. But that does not mean that we denigrate the challenger who deserves his place! When we smile because the other loses, it’s just that we win, but it’s not because we are happy that he loses, quite simply. There are really insulting messages. Fortunately, 90% of people are benevolent. But we are not sufficiently prepared for all these criticisms. It’s the other side of the coin that spoils the broadcast a bit“, concludes Manon.

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