Yoku’s Island Express: a cute pinball and adventure game on SFR Gaming

We invite you to explore a unique universe, to discover an incredible open world by playing sometimes like on a platform game, sometimes like pinball… Welcome to the island of Mokumana where Yoku, the adorable little dung beetle, will embark you on an unlikely but tasty adventure on SFR Gaming!

Yoku Island Express, released in 2018 on console and now available on the gaming platform of your SFR box, is definitely a video game like no other. Because Villa Gorilla, its developer, made the crazy bet of mixing two worlds: the experience of pinball and platform games. Two universes which have a priori nothing in common, the first being played out de facto in a closed world, while the second takes us through different worlds as we pass the levels … But forget everything you know: Yoku Island Express demonstrates, brilliantly, that the two can indeed coexist. All in a tropical adventure populated by cute creatures!

As the name suggests, the hero of this video game is Yoku. A small dung beetle “Little person“which rolls its ball throughout the paradise island of Mokumana. Hired as a postman, because why not, his mission is to rebuild the post office of the island and, incidentally, to save it while a ancient deity has mysteriously been plunged into a deep sleep… A somewhat eccentric plot, we grant you, but which simply serves as the starting point for a great adventure through a rich universe to be explored in the open world.

I pull the trigger … at the right time to send Yoku in the air

Eh yes, Yoku Island Express offers a non-linear gameplay, which will allow you to evolve at your own pace in the game through multiple quests. As you explore the different environments of Mokumana Island in this way, from the beach to the jungle, including caves and mountains, you will need to collect as much fruit as possible (Yoku’s currency), unlock new powers, wake up sleeping villagers with your whistle, and fight larger-than-life bosses!

How does it play out? As we said, this is where this video game has all its originality. Because the adorable little dung beetle moves from right to left, or left to right, like in a classic platform game. On the other hand, he is unable to jump… You guessed it, this is where the pinball aspect comes in! The world of Yoku Island Express is dotted with rackets, which you will control with your controller: pressing the left trigger to activate the blue ones, pressing the right trigger to activate the yellows. And like in a classic pinball game, you will need to adopt the right reflexes, as well as a certain agility, in order to send Yoku into the air at the right time and in the right trajectory …

So, tempted? Embark on an adventure as cute as it is funny, which also offers real challenges to be met with this original gameplay, on SFR Gaming. To play Yoku Island Express, go to the “Games” section from the reception of your SFR TV box!

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