Mike Horn talks about his biggest fears on an expedition

PODCAST – Mike Horn unveils this Tuesday, January 11 a first Podcast on the Audible platform entitled “Dare to adventure with Mike Horn”. Through nine episodes, the explorer draws on his memories and personal experience to guide those who dream of following in his footsteps. From desire to the realization of a concrete project: how to prepare, stay the course, find your balance, react to mistakes and failures …

Mistakes, the adventurer himself admits having made some. Although prepared for any hazard, the South African was faced with situations that could have turned out to be dramatic, as he told HuffPost in our video at the top of the article.

His fracture in the Amazon

Among his biggest fears, Mike Horn recalls his fractured kneecap in the Amazon. In 1997, he began his descent of the Amazon over 6700 kilometers with a hydrospeed. But his journey is disrupted after a violent collision with a rock in a canyon, seriously injuring him. Despite everything, he will manage to complete his incredible challenge in six months.

His shipwreck on Lake Victoria

Mike Horn admits it: the biggest risk is to underestimate the difficulty of the obstacle to be overcome. He paid the price when, during the same trip, he set out to cross the Lake Victoria, the largest in Africa, aboard a makeshift wooden canoe. It takes water during the storm, forcing him to work for six hours to empty it. He will manage to navigate for six days without food before finding any sign of life.

The fire in his tent on the ice floe

In 2002, Mike Horn undertook the “Arktos” expedition, a round-the-world trip through the Arctic Circle. In the Golf de Boothia, in the far north of Canada, his tent catches fire as he changes the gasoline bottle on his stove. Miraculously, he manages to save his phone and GPS from the flames and manages to call for help. The adventurer then builds an igloo that he will occupy until help arrives.

The risky climb of an iceberg

In 2020, Mike Horn is sailing close to spitsbergen island, located in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, in the Arctic Ocean. The explorer and his team then find themselves facing an imposing iceberg. With the mountaineer Frédéric Roux, they begin his ascent. But very quickly the iceberg turns, failing to crush them and dragging them into water at -2 ° C. “I did not think that this iceberg was going to turn, but it reminds us that it is nature that decides”, comments the explorer who was finally rescued with his friend by his team, who observed the scene only a few meters away. .

And also … his falls in frozen water on the ice floe

In 2019, Mike Horn undertakes with Norwegian explorer Borge Ousland a crossing of the Arctic Ocean. A journey that the South African had already led in 2006. But this time the adventure is close to turning into a nightmare. With global warming, the ice has become very thin in some places and Mike Horn twice falls into the frozen water, as you can review below.

Exhausted, short of food, the two adventurers call for help and are rescued when they have nothing left only one ration of food.

“Mike explained to me that it was the first time that his expedition was so difficult because of climate change”, confided to the The HuffPost Hugo Clément, who had been able to follow the rescue operations of the two adventurers with Jessica and Annika Horn, the explorer’s daughters. “Under these conditions, the slightest hesitation turns you from living to dead.”

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