Monster Hunter Rise – Continue the Adventure on Switch

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After almost a year exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, monster hunters are exporting to other media! Discover Monster Hunter Rise on PC today!

Hunter friends, the big day has arrived! After having to wait almost a year to find out, Monster hunter rise arrives on PC. This will finally be the opportunity to take advantage of the latest release of the role-playing game license that is Monster hunter. When we know that the Switch version has been around for March 2021, what could have changed for its release on the console? We take stock just below!

Monster Hunter Rise platform switch

The latest installment in the saga gets a makeover with its arrival on PC! As one can imagine, thea version PC benefits from customizable optimizations, allowing hunters to make their journey in 4K resolution offering fashion Ultra-wide (21: 9 ratio), while offering a high frame rate, from high resolution textures. If some still doubt that PCs dominate other consoles, Capcom even offers them a voice chat!

This time you will play as a village hunter from Kamura. From launch To smoke, Hunters can tackle all content already released on Nintendo Switch up to version 3.6.1. Whether solo, or up to four in online co-op! As a novelty on Rise, we find the Filoptera, a kind of organic grapnel as well as a new hunting companion called Chumsky. We will of course find the Félynes as well as huge play areas.

Many innovative mechanics are present in this opus which has nothing to envy to Monster Hunter World. Ready to take up arms again? As always, we let you speak in the comments! And if you want to discuss it with your friends directly, it’s possible! For that, go to our various social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our channel Discord.

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