Grey’s Anatomy: the adventure finally continues, season 19 is ordered

While it has been rumored for a few years that it could come to an end, the medical series seems to still have a bright future ahead of it. Its star Ellen Pompeo having finally agreed to come back, the ABC channel hastened to renew its successful show for (at least) one more season.

It is already the longest medical series in the history of the American small screen. After surpassing Emergency room and its 15 seasons already two years ago, Grey’s Anatomy seems determined to set an unbeatable record. True phenomenon since its first appearance in the small skylight in 2005, the show created by Shonda Rhimes is still not ready to bow out. While its season 18 is currently running on American television, and French viewers are impatiently awaiting the broadcast of its unprecedented season 17 on TF1, from next January 26, its renewal for a season 19 has been officially announced this week.

Yet, fans have been dreading the ending clap for a few years. Not necessarily because Grey’s Anatomy would start to run out of steam – despite a drop in audiences over the seasons, the series remains the biggest success of the ABC channel on the other side of the Atlantic. No, it became clear that her survival depended on just one person now: Ellen Pompeo. Because if it always manages to renew itself, from year to year, rising even after the departures of emblematic characters, there can be no Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Gray. But the star of the show has been suggesting, for a while now, that she is ready to turn the page …

Ellen Pompeo believes Grey’s Anatomy “should stop”

This is how at the end of 2020, already, we evoked on SFR News the possible end of Grey’s Anatomy. Knowing that Shonda Rhimes had said a few years earlier that “the series will continue as long as Ellen wants to continue“, the latter had suggested at the microphone to Variety that Season 17 may well be the ultimate. For good reason, the actress had then entered the last year of her contract with ABC. Finally, she had agreed to re-stack for one more season, the one currently being broadcast across the Atlantic. But while her co-stars Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey) and James Pickens Jr. (Richard Webber) had simultaneously signed up for several new seasons at the same time, it was once again necessary to return to the negotiating table for Ellen Pompeo renews his contract again. And it was going to be somewhat complicated … In an interview with Initiated, the interpreter of Meredith Gray confided last December:

I try to convince everyone that it should stop (…) I feel like this super naive person who keeps saying: ‘But what will be the plot? What story can we tell? ‘ And everyone says, ‘What does it matter, Ellen? It brings in tons of dollars. ‘

In the end, Ellen Pompeo obviously let herself be convinced once again. Her detractors may say that she always threatens to hang up the blouse to increase her salary during negotiations … Whatever, now it’s done: Grey’s Anatomy will therefore be back on the small screen across the Atlantic for a season 19 in 2022-23. It remains to be seen whether it will be this one, the last? Nothing would have been decided yet, according to the specialized American media, which also point out that we should know it soon enough … Because there is no doubt that the flagship series will concoct something special for us – and that ABC will prepare a shocking promotional campaign – for its grand finale.

While waiting to discover season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy on January 26 on TF1, you can find all the previous 16 on Amazon Prime Video Where Disney +. Streaming platforms offered as an option at SFR.

Sources: Hollywood journalist, Initiated, Allocine

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