“Design for all by Prisunic and Monoprix” at the Museum of Decorative Arts


Culture: the design of Prisunic and Monoprix at MAD

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L. Hakim, K. Dalibot, Y. Moine, C. Brunet, C. Dechassey

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Until May 15, 2022, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, in Paris, offers a trip to the 1950s, on the occasion of the exhibition “Design for all: from Prisunic to Monoprix, a French adventure”.

We were saying “go to Prisu” for Prisunic. Later we will say, “go to Monop” with Monoprix. This shows how familiar these brands are, like the objects in the exhibition presented at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Paris), with their colorful design and innovative materials for the time. Molded plastic, Plexiglas, polyester, are a source of memories and even more, of nostalgia. “Prisunic is a bit like my childhood”, summarizes Marianne Brabant, curator of the exhibition Design for everyone: from Prisunic to Monoprix, a French adventure.

“There is this pop and colorful side that feels good”, said a lady. “Prisunic was really something that revolutionized the whole way of life”, according to another. The end of the 1960s marked the beginning of mass consumption, the search for ever more innovative but sometimes elitist design, new techniques, marketing not devoid of humor, which even inspired the most modest. Guaranteed time travel to the countries of the post-war boom, an almost carefree era when everything seemed possible.


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