where does the title of this amazing Oscar-winning adventure with Michael Keaton come from?

Winner of the Oscar for best film in 2015, birdman is a dizzying dive into artistic creation. But what does the title of the film mean, which looks like it came straight out of a superhero movie?

You like the movies ? Do you love immersing yourself in new adventures, discovering new worlds, laughing, crying, shivering, dreaming? You are not the only one. Whether you are an assiduous or occasional spectator, what a pleasure to see a film start in front of your eyes! And this even if, sometimes, the title of the work, sometimes of the masterpiece, viewed turns out to be somewhat abstruse. Thereby thief one, spin-off (spin-off film) of the universe Star wars, evokes as much the character of its heroine as old moments of the saga, whereas, in a completely different genre, God’s hand offered on Netflix evokes a very specific moment in the career of Diego Maradona, which all sports fans know. Sometimes it happens that a title is misleading, like reality tv Save who sins (Netflix).

birdman, a virtuoso satire

In the case of birdman, whose official and complete title is Birdman or (The Surprising Virtue of Ignorance), the question of the title deserves to be asked. A real technical tour de force, the film by Mexican director Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu follows Riggan Thomson, a comedian who rose to fame in action movies. In search of credibility, he returned to the theater where he tried to stage a play by Raymond Carver, Tell me about love, in which he also plays. In the middle of rehearsal, one of his actors collapses. His manager, Jake, worries about the play’s viability, just hours from the Broadway premiere. Carried by a Michael Keaton on fire, this brilliant satire of the theatrical world is made up of sequence shots of unimaginable length that make you dizzy and command admiration, the camera constantly zigzagging between the passageways of the theater in pursuit of the characters.

Birdman – Batman, same fight

The title birdman simply refers to the role that made the glory of Riggan, a superhero that the actor played in several successful films. A delirious game of mirrors, Birdman obviously reminiscent of Batman, one of his star roles as Michael Keaton, main performer in the film. Don’t miss this incredible masterpiece, great winner of the Oscars in 2015.

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