Gazelle rally. The hunger for adventure of the Lyonnaises du Foch –

By Morgan Couturier

Both car enthusiasts, Marie-Caroline Dulbecco and Jennifer Seignol took the gamble of boarding the 31and edition of the Aïcha des Gazelles Rally. A real challenge for these restaurant owners from Lyon…

Barely begun, the story of the Gazelles Gourmandes has already reached its conclusion: after having dreamed about your life, there comes a time when life invites you to live your dreams. To take up challenges too, even if it means setting sail to surpass yourself. Direction Morocco therefore, for its two adventurers, ready to lower the curtain of the restaurant The Foch three weeks, to face the dunes of the now famous Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles.

“This year, we are nearly 400 registered, so inevitably, it puts a little pressure, because it is the first time that we are going to do it. We’ve never done anything, and we’re starting with the hardest part,” joke her two friends, close to the stove as well as in the cabin of their future Toyota 4×4.

A racing car that restaurateurs will have to master as commonly as good spit-roasted poultry. “The goal is to have fun. For me, getting involved in such a project has always been a dream”, completes Marie-Caroline Dulbecco, predisposed to piloting, when her colleague, Jennifer Seignol, will have the heavy task of mastering the four cardinal points.

“This rally has always been a dream”

A challenge far from being insurmountable for this duo experienced in the pressure of service and the demands of speed. “We know each other, we understand each other. At times like these, we are used to talking to each other, ”recalls Jennifer, as if to cut short the threats of spats, many in a rally where difficulty and fatigue come to shake certain relationships.

In fact, if the departure from Nice is only scheduled for March 19, 2022, the Lyonnaises cherish, for the time being, their last moments of tranquility. Also training, short stays on the side of Grasse, having made it possible to work on the control of the vehicle and the subtle art of navigation.

Something to loosen up the predominant anxieties a little and open up to deeper goals. “The objective is already to reach the end. And if we can be in the top 100, without breaking the car, that will be very good”, laugh the Gazelles Gourmandes, with a desire already outlined, to repeat the experience in the future.

An adventure prepared for two years

But for now, the truth of Morocco remains to be written, as well as the beautiful novels bearing the image of the ARTC association (Association for research on brain tumours) that gastronomes will tell during the race, in tribute to the mother of Marie-Caroline Dulbecco, Ghislaine, unfortunately stricken by a brainstem tumor.

“She has already undergone two operations, so we, next door, our courage is nothing at all”, slips Marie-Caroline Dulbecco, whom the chance of the draw was able to fill with happiness. And for good reason, now registered at number 124, the crew sees in it a certain allusion to their source of inspiration. “December 4 (12/4) is his mother’s date of birth”, details Jennifer Seignol, before giving herself a final bowl of motivation: “It’s going to be nice! “. Answer in the dunes, from March 24th!

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