Kirby will explore a multitude of universes in his future Switch adventure

Teased for several months, Kirby and the Forgotten World finally knows its release date. The opportunity to take stock of this new opus.

In the long list of cult characters imagined by Nintendo (who is already working on his future console), it is impossible not to mention the one that has given many players a nightmare. Smash Bros. : Kirby. The adorable pink creature first appeared in 1992 in Kirby’s Dreamland on Game Boy and has since had several dedicated games, appearances in other franchises and even an anime in his honor.

Kirby to the rescue of the Waddle Dees

Thirty years after this first foray into video games, the hero created by Masahiro Sakurai is about to make a comeback for a new adventure: Kirby and the Forgotten World. The hero, as cute as he is powerful, has an appointment in a new title of platformers and 3D adventures for Nintendo Switch (who quietly hosted Twitch) where new powers, multiple wonders, wild environments or even many Waddle Dees await him. For this new opus, everything begins when Kirby arrives in an unknown world where he will soon discover that the Waddle Dees have been captured by “the pack of beasts”. Kirby then begins a new quest to save his friends with the help of the mysterious Elfilin whom he meets in this new world.

In terms of new features, we note the arrival of the Waddle Dee village, which will serve as a central hub in this adventure. It will expand as the Waddle Dees are rescued and various shops will open their doors to participate in the favorite games of its inhabitants. Kirby will also be able to lend a hand at the Waddle Dee café, where he will have to serve customers quickly to maintain his level of satisfaction or consult a Waddle Dee for advice.

Explorations, new abilities and cooperation

We already knew that a new game Kirby was coming out this year, and all we needed was the date. It’s now done and fans have an appointment on March 25 to discover this first game of the license in 3D. A title where the open world will be clearly in the spotlight and the first images available promise a multitude of universes to explore such as ruined cities, beaches, snow-capped castles or even deserts. As usual, the little pink hero will use his famous power to take advantage of the skills of his opponents and it will notably be possible to equip himself with a sword, a boomerang and other objects by sucking up his opponents.

In addition, Kirby will have access to new faculties such as being able to sink into the ground and collide with a monster by jumping from underground using the Drill or even destroying a creature from a distance thanks to the Ranger’s abilities. The game also makes it easy to play two-player local co-op on a single console by sharing the Joy-Con controllers so that player 2 takes on the role of Bandana Waddle Dee, armed with his trusty spear. If no online mode seems planned for the moment, players will however have the opportunity to connect to the Internet to access various data, including the total number of Waddle Dees saved or the most popular abilities.

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