Jérémy Poret and Brice Aloth look back on their adventure

A little disappointed, the two managers of the BCI company in Beynost, on the 13and place in the first week, hoped to grab the top 10 after twelve days of racing but several mechanical problems, a lack of experience in navigation and the help given to another pilot on the last day did not allow them to join the first ten. Meeting with Jeremy.

The first week went well with a 13and place at the end of the six days, tell us about this second week?

“We had a lot of problems with a broken wheel on the seventh day and a slow night return, and then technical problems on several occasions.

We were able to repair ourselves without assistance with parts that we carried, which caused a considerable loss of time. On the last day, 30 km from the finish, as we no longer had a target place, we stopped to help one of the team members who had rolled over twice. We repaired his vehicle and followed him to make sure he crossed the finish line. »

What were your strengths?

“It’s an adventure in terms of emotions and sharing experienced with my co-driver and cousin Brice Aloth. We made great encounters with mutual aid and solidarity to get to the end. We are also happy to have been able to see that many people have supported us, especially on social networks. »

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What were your weaknesses?

“The lack of experience, we left quite quickly, our first encounters with the dunes and the technique were complicated, the navigation was not perfect, we have to improve in this area. »

What conclusions do you draw from this first Dakar?

“We are happy to have reached the end on the wheels because it is a very long and very difficult adventure, especially during the 2and week with technical problems and accumulated fatigue. »

Ready to go again in 2023?

“We would like to thank BTR, the preparer of our vehicle and the entire support team managed by David Casteu as well as all the partners who supported us.

Next year, we must leave with more means and partners in order to have the possibility of changing vehicle parts more regularly, avoiding breakage and immobilization with the aim of being in the top 10. “

We made great encounters with mutual aid and solidarity to get to the end

Jeremy Poret

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