Rovski takes us into Adventure, his animated clip

Rovsky is back! The most unbridled and whimsical female duo of the moment announces the release of their first album La Proie est Reine on February 25, 2022. In the first extract, we savor the incredible video of the Adventure, enough to stay baba.

Scheduled for February 25, 2022, the album La proie est Reine was recorded and produced by Emmanuelle Le Cann (2A Studios in London). Rovski is an atypical duo formed by Sonia Nemirovsky and Olive Perrusson whose voices intertwine on texts in French and radiant melodies.

Your ski lifts the collar of your jacket

Precise in the pace in the gesture

You made detours and diagonals

To reach the center point

Fresh out of the origin of the world

Fresh out of the origin of the world

Fresh out of the origin of the world… » Lyrics from L’aventure

ROVSKI - The Adventure (Official clip)
ROVSKI – The Adventure (Official clip)

The urban amazons Sonia and Olive have healed their wounds and put all their dexterity at the service of the victorious song of the prey or the queen, reversing the roles, thwarting the obvious, uniting and crushing their differences to invent a common language.

Combining the organic of instruments with the electric of loopers and keyboards, Sonia and Olive draw landscapes made of burning forests and aerial peripherals. The two singers neck and neck offer a poetic and percussive amazon pop off the beaten track.

ROVSKI - The Adventure (Official clip)
ROVSKI – The Adventure (Official clip)

The elegant and sparkling duo, formed by Sonia Nemirovsky and Olive Perusson, distills songs full of sonorities and moving atmospheres, to the sound of a violin and keyboards and loopers: four hands, two heads, two complementary voices that work gently and make hearts sway.

Here is the clip of L’aventure, directed by Matthieu Berner and Alexandre Wahl that we discover in the selection of JustFocus:

Rovski to discover on instagram

Rovski will present his album La proie est reine on March 30, 2022 at the Café de la Danse in Paris.

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